6 Superhuman Abilities That Prove Green Arrow is One of the Strongest Acrobats in DC

Created by George Papp and Mort Weisinger, Green Arrow first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941. The vigilante superhero reflects the story of Oliver Green, a rich playboy millionaire, who in the name of justice picks up a long bow, also inclining himself into martial arts and technology. Since he has always struggled to find a peaceful direction his life, he maintains his dynamic personality and fights crime for the sense of adventure, not for righteousness. Since he is an acrobat, he does not possess superpowers. Check out six superhuman abilities of Green Arrow you probably don’t know about.

1. Archery

6 Superhuman Abilities That Prove Green Arrow Is One of The Strongest Acrobats In DC

Green Arrow is one of the highly skilled archers in the DC universe. Being a master of archery, he can shoot 29 arrows in a minute and uses several arrow tricks ranging from arrow bombs to bola arrows to his boxing-glove arrow. Moreover, he shot two arrows through the barrel of a gun while somersaulting from a building.

2. Acrobatic

Being an expert acrobat, Green Arrow use this ability to dodge and defend himself from the enemy attacks frequently. On many occasions in hi comic book stories, he has shown to be more reflective ad an active acrobat.

3. Firearms

He does not use firearms more often but has shown to a master of using firearms like handguns and bombs with accuracy. Moreover, Deathstroke complimented him that he is better at using firearms.

4. Martial Arts

He is a proficient hand-to-hand combatant and one of the strongest ones in DC Universe. He is a master of judo, kickboxing, Eskrima, and Karate, and is so skilled that he can handle seven enemies at once.

5. Fighter

Green Arrow is a highly skilled fighter and proved his mastery when he defeated Arsenal in a fight with using his Eskimo tricks and other forms of martial art.

6. Peak fighting condition

Green Arrow has an extreme physical agility and fights for a long time without stopping. Moreover, he pushes himself to incredible physical limits to training and become a master of any fighting style.

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