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Marvel Shows Us How Black Widow Could Beat the Flash

There’s always a debate between Marvel and DC. Questions like who’s got the strongest roster and who would win are always lurking. I guess I do have the answer to a part of these questions. In a surprising turn of events, we get to see DC’s Flash go up against Marvel’s Black Widow. And guess what? Marvel has shown how Black Widow could beat the Flash! Well, if you have stayed updated with the comics, then you know that Heroes Reborn has altered reality within the Marvel Universe. And now we know why and how Black Widow could beat the Flash.

WARNING: Potential Spoilers For Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1!

Marvel Reveals How Black Widow Could Beat the Flash

Let’s assess both the characters in a nutshell. Black Widow is an ultimate fighter with impeccable combat skills. Throughout the years, she has proven her worth in the Marvel Universe. On the other hand, we have the Flash. Well, to paraphrase it, he’s superhuman. The guy can really extremely fast. Moreover, fast enough to travel through time. So a battle between them makes it decisive — Flash is the winner. But that isn’t the case Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1 which explains how Black Widow could beat the Flash.

Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1 by Cody Ziglar, Paco Medina, Pete Pantazis, and Joe Sabino takes place in London, England, where Nighthawk has set up a new base for a Squadron Supreme. The origins of the battle are pretty simple. Zemo puts together a team of his own to end the Squadron’s influence in Europe and make room for Hydra to take over. As a result, we now see the Siege Society vs. Squadron Supreme. Initially, the Seige Society was winning almost too easily. But the welcoming of Nighthawk (Batman) and Blur (Flash) drifted the battle into Squadron Supreme’s favor.

Nighthawk opposes Sabretooth and Zemo and takes care of them. Meanwhile, Blur goes on to handle the rest of the Siege Society. As powerful he is, he quickly knocked out Hawkeye, Fire-Ant, and even Silver Witch. The latter’s fast-paced magic couldn’t even slow down Blur to a second. All this while. Black Widow is hacking into Squadron Supreme’s system. But she decided to pull out Hawkeye and Fire-Ant from the scene. But Blur comes back. Noticing her, he runs up behind her but is caught off guard. She activates a shock gadget that immediately knocks him unconscious.

Who’s The Squadron Supreme & How Black Widow Overpowered The Flash

The Squadron Supreme takes the spotlight in the new reality of Heroes Reborn, where the Avengers never formed. The Squadron’s main lineup of heroes includes Nighthawk (Batman), Power Princess (Wonder Woman), Hyperion (Superman), Doctor Spectrum (Green Lantern), and Blur (the Flash), who serve as Earth’s (new) Mightiest Heroes.

They possess similar origins, enemies, and abilities to their DC counterparts, each of these heroes’ powers have been significantly amped up from where they were in previous appearances. Hence, they are equally powerful and make up for a worthy foe. But in Heroes Reborn: Siege Society #1, the Siege Society manages to wipe the floor with some of the Squadron’s lesser-known members, killing their versions of Aquaman (Amphibian), Zatanna (Arcanna), and Green Arrow (Golden Archer).

After Black Widow shocked the Flash and herself in the process, she managed to steal the wings from Squadron Supreme’s version of Hawkman (Blue Eagle). Hence, she was able to make a clean getaway with Clint Barton and Scott Lang. Blur is shown to be really fast in this current series. it’s astounding that Black Widow is able to pull off this stunt, reacting in the split second the speedster takes to deliver a jolt. Black Widow then goes on to joke about she trained for this scenario for six months and is still not used to the pain. The split-second maneuver seems near impossible, but she pulled it off nicely. Fans of Black Widow know just exactly what she’s capable of and always has a trick up under her sleeve.

So that’s how Black Widow could beat the Flash. It sounds shocking. But Marvel has proven that she shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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