10 Children of Marvel Superheroes Who Have Surpassed Their Parents in Every Way

Children of Marvel Superheroes:

The world of Marvel Comics has come to a long way cine its inception. It is not just a world of superheroes but also home to the next generation. Some of them are pretty forgettable but some have shown the capacity to actually surpass their parents. This list is for those children that might soon become the next in line with their parents’ mantles.

 1. Cable – Cyclops

Children of Marvel Superheroes

The cable is the son of Cyclops and Madeline Pryor, the insane clone of Jean Grey. The cable is an Omega Level Mutant. Born to a future where the mutant population is all but extinct and the Sentinels have taken over the planet, Cable has become a battle-hardened mutant soldier who knows how to battle his way out of literally anything. Unlike his father who has only optic energy blasts as a superpower, Cable takes up after his mother. Like Jean Grey and Madeline Pryor, Cable is a powerful telepath and telekinetic.

Smartest Mutants in Marvel Comics

He has enough strength to use his telekinesis to lift an entire city and keep it floating in the upper atmosphere. The techno-organic virus resulted in most of Cable’s telekinesis being redirected to keep the virus from spreading all over his body, drastically reducing his powers. It did give him other unique abilities though like technology manipulation.

 2. X-Man – Jean Grey

Superhero Children Powerful Than Their Superhero Parents

Nate Grey’s parentage is basically the same as Cable. His genetic code is the combination of Scott Summers aka Cyclops’ and Jean Grey aka the Phoenix. Nate Grey belongs to a different alternate timeline. He is actually the result of a grand experiment done by Mister Sinister, who used genetic material from Cyclops and Jean Grey to create Nate Grey aka X-Man in the Age of Apocalypse timeline.

Children of Marvel Superheroes

X-Man possesses amazing telekinetic and psychic powers. He is an Omega Level Mutant and is basically a God of Telepathy. Literally any known ability that a psychic could possess in God’s Green Earth, X-Man has it. He can even use his powers to create directed-energy strikes and open portals to other dimensions. X-Man is the true definition of ‘Mind over Matter’.

 3. Legion – Professor X

Children of Marvel Superheroes

Professor X is known as the Universe’s most powerful telepath. His son David Haller is more powerful than any mutant to have ever walked the face of the Earth. David Haller has an infinite number of abilities. He can control the weather, use Pyro-Kinesis, travel across time, and have energy manipulation powers. He also has incredibly powerful telepathic abilities. The only drawback Legion has is that he suffers from a multiple personality disorder.

Children of Marvel Superheroes

His psyche is so fractured that each personality has access to one of his abilities. Since he has a near a limitless number of superpowers, Legion has a countless number of psyches within his mind, each ready to take control of Haller’s body and wreak havoc if left unchecked.

 4. Franklin Richards – Mister Fantastic

Things About Franklin Richards

When your parents were exposed to a massive radioactive cosmic cloud, it was bound to lead to some serious consequences if they ever decided to hook up. Franklin Richards is the son of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman. He is an Omega Level Mutant with the ability to alter reality. Franklin is just a kid and the fact that his mutant powers were activated even before he hit puberty is reason enough for him to be taken seriously. Franklin has used his powers to create entire pocket dimensions and universes out of thin air. The whole space-time continuum is a plaything for him.

Things About Franklin Richards

Franklin’s powers are so dangerous that if he throws a temper tantrum, there is always a risk that he might throw the entire universe into a state of chaos if he uses his powers the wrong way. As a result, Mister Fantastic created powerful mental inhibitors to keep his powers dampened at all times. Although Franklin has shown to be capable enough to bypass that technology on more than one occasion!

 5. Carnage – Venom

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

In more ways than one, Carnage is everything Venom could never be – cold and ruthless to the core. The symbiotes reproduce asexually, meaning they can make their own on their own without mating with another one of their kind. The Venom symbiote created the Carnage Symbiote after Eddie Brock escaped from a secure facility after being repossessed by the Venom symbiote when he was in prison.

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

Before leaving, the Venom symbiote left behind the Carnage symbiote, which bonded with Brock’s cellmate – a serial killer who went by the name Cletus Kasady and the rest is practically history. Carnage is the next stage in the evolution of the symbiotes. Unlike Venom, he has additional abilities and is actually stronger, smarter, faster, and quicker than Venom.

 6. Hope Summers – Cable

Children of Marvel Superheroes

Although Cable is not her actual father, Cable is still his guardian and in more ways, than one has been more of a parent to her than Hope’s actual parents could ever be. Hope Summers was the first mutant to be born after the devastating events of M-Day that wiped out a majority of the mutant population. She is called the Mutant Messiah since she is destined to lead the mutant race to freedom and liberty according to an age-old prophecy. Hope was just a few weeks old when her powers overloaded Cerebro and also brought Rogue back from a coma (something even Professor X could not do).

Children of Marvel Superheroes

Hope was taken to the future by Cable where he believed that he could keep her safe from all kinds of threats. Hope’s abilities allow her to mimic the abilities of other mutants if they are in close proximity to her. She is also immune to Rogue’s powers and can control Earth’s magnetic fields.

 7. Stepford Cuckoos – Emma Frost

Children of Marvel Superheroes

The Stepford Cuckoos are a group of identical triplets. They are actually clones of Emma Frost. The Weapon Plus program that created Wolverine once kidnapped the White Queen and used her eggs to create the Cuckoos. Like Emma Frost, the Cuckoos can turn their skin into diamonds and are powerful telepaths. Together, they form a hive mind and in this state, they do not need to communicate and their powers and processing speed is vastly amplified. In their diamond for, the Stepford Cuckoos were able to absorb and contain the power of the Phoenix Force within them-selves, which is saying something.

 8. Crusader – Captain America

In an alternate reality, Captain America and Rogue fell in love and married each other. Rogue, in that reality, has been exposed to Captain Marvel to the extent that she had completely absorbed her powers and her personality permanently. Their daughter was named Sarah Rogers.

Children of Marvel Superheroes

She had the moral compass and the close combat skills of his father as well as all of Captain Marvel’s powers. In combat, she would wield Captain America’s shield. To top it off, Sarah Rogers was also capable of wielding Mjolnir in battle since she had been deemed worthy by the enchanted weapon, just like her father was.

 9. X-23 – Wolverine

Laura Kinney was the Weapon Plus Program’s best-kept secret. She is a female clone of Wolverine. Like her ‘father’, Laura is a savage beast who only knows the language of blood and bone. She shares all the abilities of her father. Like Wolverine, Laura’s healing factor is off the charts. She is also considered to be a more savage fighter than Logan. X-23 had the opportunity to be a part of a team and know the value of friendship and allies when she was just a toddler, something Wolverine never had the luxury of until he met the X-Men. As a result, Laura might have the same abilities as Logan but in terms of overall skills and development, she has already come miles ahead of Wolverine.

 10. Hulkling – Captain Mar-Vell

Children of Marvel Superheroes

Hulkling is half Kree and half Skrull. As a result, he possesses abilities of both races and none of their weaknesses. Hulkling can lift more than a hundred ton, shape-shift, use concussive energy blasts, and has incredibly potent durability and endurance. He was recently touted as the rule of the combined Kree and Skrull Empire due to his mixed heritage, a rarity in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Hulkling has had several amazing achievements over the years including when he defeated Doctor Doom as well as take down the Celestial Destroyer. Hulkling is the next generation of Marvel’s superheroes. Oh, and he is also gay which means more diversity!!

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