10 Physically Strongest Hulks of All-Time That Can Take Down The Titans

The Hulk is the blunt force weapon of the Avengers. He does not score much on the top floor. Bruce Banner’s intellect, when he is in his jade Giant Form, is pretty much primitive and childish. But point him towards a target and low and behold, Hell hath no fury as Hulk scorned.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

He is considered to be the most powerful Avenger and his record speaks for itself. His powers are not very varied and unique. His primary and only abilities are super strength, durability, endurance, and an incredible healing factor.

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The Hulk Marvel Comics

From those, the only one power that resonates the most when we think about the Green Goliath is his enormous, planet-shattering strength. But wait!! There is not just one Hulk bouncing around in Marvel Comics. There are way more Hulks in the Marvel Universe. And some of them are so powerful that the classic Bruce Banner Hulk pales in regard to their strength. Don’t believe us? Look for yourselves.

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Totally Awesome Hulk

One of the signature characteristics of the Hulk persona is its affinity to attach itself to smarter beings. Bruce Banner was considered a genius of his time when he was washed with Gamma Radiation to become the Hulk. Amadeus Cho, a relatively newer character, is considered to be the smartest being in the planet in Marvel Comics.

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Physically Strongest Hulks

When Cho rushed in to save him when the latter absorbed too much gamma radiation and went out of control, Cho himself gained powers similar to Bruce Banner. Cho’s brain combined with his new Hulk-like strength proved more than match for the classic Hulk.

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But with time, he too faced the same demons as Banner did. Cho began to lose control over his powers and eventually went out of control. He was only subdued when several powerful heroes banded together to stop him.

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War Hulk

Physically Strongest Hulks

Apocalypse is the Earth’s first ever mutant. He is an immortal being who has absorbed, stolen and developed any mutant power imaginable. But when faced with the forces of Earth, he is still just one guy. He needs henchmen to do his bidding when he is not around.

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This is where his Horsemen come in. Based on the biblical Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, several heroes like Gambit, Wolverine and the Hulk have been recruited into the order. When he was recruited as the Horseman of War, he was no longer under the control of Banner, having split into two in the earlier Onslaught saga. Apocalypse gave the already super strong monster a range of impressive abilities but was wise enough to limit his strength should he ever go rogue.

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Savage She-Hulk

The Savage She Hulk’s real name is Lyra. She is the daughter of the Hulk and Thundra, both beings that are known for their impressive strength. The comic book arc is a bit controversial, to be honest. The story begins with Thundra traveling to the past to battle the Hulk only to befriend him and steal his DNA.

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She later comes back to the future and uses a gene splicer to create her daughter Lyra with the DNA of bother hers and the Hulk’s. He gets stronger when he gets angry. But Lyra’s powers are the polar opposite. She gets stronger the calmer she gets.

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In a perfectly relaxed state she could achieve in her Hulk form through a technique of meditation she has perfected, Lyra is able to become stronger than any known version of him ever exist.

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Doc Green

When he was shot in the head by the Ancient Order of the Shield, he was slowly dying with his extreme healing factor not working anymore. Tony Stark came to his ally’s rescue. He deduced that if the Hulk’s healing factor was not working, then they would have to use the Extremis Virus to repair the wound. But the Extremis Virus did more than just that. It created a Hulk persona that had now the intellect of Bruce Banner.

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As Doc Green, he was insecure as well as over-confident. He believed that he should be the only gamma radiation powered superhero in existence and developed a serum to strip the rest of the Hulks from their powers. Doc Green’s short life came to an end when he was drained of the Extremis Virus and Bruce Banner became the regular, out of control and raging Hulk once again.

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Old Man Hulk

Physically Strongest Hulks

In the Old man Logan Universe, the superheroes have been wiped out by a globally coordinated attack by all the super villains of Earth. The ones that are alive now are in hiding or just do not care anymore. He is no longer a superhero.

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He is a villain and a cruel overlord of a wasteland that was once the United States. He has now married his cousin, She-Hulk and has fathered grossly mutated children. The Old Man has also had secondary mutations. He is now morbidly obese and even in his Bruce Banner form, is stronger than most superheroes. In green form, the Hulk is nigh invincible.

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He was able to eat Logan in one bite. The only thing he miscalculated was Logan’s super sharp claws, which the guy used to claw his way out of the Hulk’s stomach, killing him in the process.

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The Classic Hulk may not sound as fancy but he can still kick almost anyone’s ass with brute strength alone. What makes this guy incredibly dangerous to cross paths with is his ability to heal himself when injured. His healing factor is said to be as powerful as Wolverine’s.

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He also has incredible durability and limitless stamina as his body cannot experience fatigue. This means that he can fight on till the end of time without even breaking a sweat. And his trump card is his rage. The angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes. Make him angry enough and he can even punch a hole in Thanos’ face.

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Ultimate Hulk

Physically Strongest Hulk

In the Marvel Comics’ Ultimates Universe, He is pretty much a force of nature. He is the basis on which the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Hulk. In the movies, he can regain control under the right conditions but in the comics, you dare not stand in the Ultimate Hulk’s way once you set him loose.

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Shield uses him as an agent of chaos and destruction and when old-school punch and smash tactics become a necessity. The Ultimate Hulk is a creature that no one would like to mess around with. He once ate his opponent when the other guy pissed him off. That alone is enough to state how lethal this guy can be.

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In a storyline called Future Imperfect, the Hulk has gone mad in the future timeline and has managed to kill every living being on Earth. Now alone and insane, He has absorbed ten times the Gamma Radiation that once turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk.

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Now called the Maestro, this version of the Hulk is completely mad and when the Classic Bruce Banner Hulk travels to the future, Maestro beats the guy down to an inch of his life. Maestro could have been at the top of this list had he not been totally crazy, which means he cannot get stronger the more furious he is.

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Hulk: The End

Physically Strongest Hulks

In Hulk: The End, Earth is nearing its final breath. The entire population of Earth, including all the superheroes, are dead. The Hulk is the only one left alive courtesy of his enhanced healing factor that makes him by default an immortal who could never get killed. But there is one problem.

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Earth has developed an infestation problem. Mutant flesh eatin cockroaches now kill everything in its wake and he is their prime target. His healing factor means that he is an endless supply of meat. This version of the Hulk has developed his powers to a point that he is nearly a God.

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World War Hulk

When you give a man everything he ever wanted – a quiet peaceful life, a family and people who believed in him only then take away those things from him later, there is nothing more dangerous than the man who has lost everything. He is the most extreme case of such a situation.

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He was banished to Sakaar by the Illuminati. He conquered the planet, liberated the people and started a family. But then the same ship that brought him to Sakaar detonated, killing everyone he ever loved. This drove him into a mother of all fit of rages. His powers increase exponentially with rage and in his World War Hulk form, he was power incarnate.

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Physically Strongest Hulks

Wolverine’s claws no longer cut his skin, the Ghost Rider was no match for him and Doctor Strange and Reed Richards could find no strategy in science or magic to counter this guy. In his World War Hulk form, He was strong enough to break the planet into two with one punch!

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