10 Facts About Patriot – Marvel’s Potential Captain America Successor You Must Know

Facts About Patriot:

Patriot is one of many names that Marvel is considering to become the new Captain America. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, after Steve Rogers took his voluntary retirement, needs another Captain America. And Marvel just might have found an answer in Elijah Bradley aka the Patriot, who is clearly the best fit for the role.

 1. Singlehandedly defeated Norman Osborn

After Norman Osborn became the President of the United States, all hell broke loose. The Avengers soon disbanded and the Young Avengers went into hiding. Norman Osborn created the new team of Dark Avengers made up of super-villains masquerading as superheroes. The Dark Avengers had really questionable morals when it came to dealing with justice.

Norman also created a new team of Dark Young Avengers. The very thought of Norman trying to demean and defame the good name of the Young Avengers irked Elijah so much that he defeated them and challenged Norman to a fight, which he won fair and square. Norman Osborn, even in his Iron Patriot armour, could not defeat the Patriot.

 2. He has permanently retired in the comics

After Elijah helped at least a million or more mutants lose their powers and never get them back, he was profoundly devastated at being made to do that. In what could only be called a once in a blue moon event, a superhero took an actual permanent sabbatical from super-heroics, never to return again. Elijah’s actions led to Wanda ending up in a really bad place, Cassie’s death and Iron Lad’s turn to evil.

He let go of the mask and shifted to Arizona. Elijah has never been seen as the Patriot in Marvel Comics after the events of Avengers: Children’s Crusade. He lives in Arizona where he helps people in facilitating voter registration.

 3. He has the Super Soldier Serum in his blood

Elijah Bradley was a normal kid. He had a normal life and nothing about him screamed superhero. That changed when he had an accident and a blood transfusion from Isaiah Bradley. Isaiah Bradley is widely regarded as Marvel Comics’ Black Captain America. He was a veteran soldier who was used as a guinea pig by the United States Army to recreate the Super Soldier Program.

Isaiah was the only survivor who managed to survive the experiment that took the rest of his fellow test subjects’ lives. Isaiah generally roamed the world and saved the day everywhere but he did have a family. And Elijah Bradley is his descendant. The blood transfusion from his grandfather actually activated his abilities.

 4. Made his first appearance as a supporting character

Elijah Bradley made his first appearance in Red, White, and Black #7. He had a very minor role and no lines. Basically he was a character meant to be forgotten. He then got the attention he deserved after Jim Cheung and Allan Heinberg decided to use him as a lead character in their Young Avengers series.

Originally had a costume that encased his entire body and that is why the readers could not know that he was African-American. Later it was revealed to everyone. Heinberg created Elijah with his substance abuse problem as a reflection of his own life where he was also once a drug addict, his poison being Steroids. Not even Elijah Bradley’s lineage was revealed to anyone until later.

 5. Took Captain America’s Side during the Civil War

The event known as the Civil War was a milestone in Marvel Comic Book History. Its repercussions and felt to this date. After the Government decided to pass the Superhuman Registration Act, the superheroes were divided based on ideological differences. Those in favor of the Act were Team Iron Man. Captain America and his allies were against the Act. Both the factions fought a bloody, gritty battle.

And Patriot was in full support of Captain America and his ideals. He even participated in the battle and fought alongside him. When Patriot requested backup being sent to him for the Young Avengers to retrieve Molly of the Runaways, he was denied but defied Cap’s orders and went in to save her life. That was an act Captain America very much appreciated and acknowledged later.

 6. Used to be a drug addict

It was very stereotypical of Marvel to make the only African-American member of the Young Avengers team a drug addict. When Iron Lad sought the help of the Young Avengers to stop Kang the conqueror, Elijah was the first to agree to help lend a hand and lead the team of heroes. But he did not have any powers or abilities at the beginning.

To make up for that, Elijah started using a drug called the Mutant Growth Hormone, a substance that gives superpowers to non-super human folks. At first, the team did not get to know about this. But they did sometime later and Patriot’s position in the team was in peril. Later after he contracted lethal injuries when caught in a fight between the Skrulls and the Kree, he got actual superhuman abilities after getting a blood transfusion from his grandfather Isaiah Bradley.

 7. Founding Member and Leader of the Young Avengers

Young Avengers

Elijah Bradley was one of the first heroes that Iron Lad created to form the Young Avengers team. The other members were Wiccan, Hulkling and Iron Lad him-self. Iron Lad was the first de facto leader of the team but after it is revealed that Iron Lad is responsible for Kang the Conqueror coming to this timeline and that he has a unique relationship with him, he had to go back to his own time.

Facts About Patriot

The team needed a leader and Elijah stepped forward to fill that role. Patriot is a wonderful leader. Using transformative leadership tactics, Elijah became a boon for the entire team. He trusted them completely and always helped them grow as individuals and as team players.

 8. Almost did not make the team

Iron Lad never even considered Elijah as a part of the team at first when he wanted to create the Young Avengers. He had set his sights on Josiah Bradley instead. Josiah was Elijah’s uncle and also a successful outcome of the Super Soldier Program. Josiah had the DNA of Isaiah Bradley and all his abilities.

But due to familial pressure, he decided to stay away from all superhero activities. Iron Lad could not recruit Josiah to his cause but managed to get his hands on his nephew Elijah instead. Josiah would later eventually end up in the line of superhero work after he joined The Crew – a team of superheroes created and led by none other than the War Machine aka James Rhodes.

 9. There is a new Patriot

Facts About Patriot

Elijah Bradley might have taken the pink slip and decided to lead a normal life in the Arizonian Suburbs. But Marvel will not let the Patriot mantle go to waste. So they created Rayshaun Lucas, the new Patriot of Marvel Comics. Rayshaun is actually one teenage activist who was impressed by the acts of superheroes and went on to become one himself. Rayshaun would become the falcon’s side-kick and help him in his missions.

Black Widow would use A.I technology to create an advanced suit to fit Rayshaun and aid him in his war against evil. He was trained in battle by a Black Widow A.I too. Fans believe that Rayshaun has what it takes to fill in the big shoes that Elijah Bradley left behind.


 10. He is in love with Hawkeye

Facts About Patriot

We know what you are thinking and no, it is not what you are thinking. There is not just one Hawkeye in the comic books. Kate Bishop is also a superior marksman who is a member of the Young Avengers team. She is considered Hawkeye’s greatest protégé. Elijah and Kate was a couple, a fact the comics revealed to us during the Dark Reign series.

Facts About Patriot

Elijah did not like Kate at first. In fact, he hated her guts for trying to demean his authority and hogging his command as the leader of the team. But after spending some time with each other, Elijah and Kate realized that both weren’t as different as they expected each other to be. They both fell in love and the rest is history.

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