5 Most Badass Super-Kids of Superheroes

Superheroes have always dominated the comic book world through individual timelines and crossovers. Besides their legacy, their offsprings are not less than them, rather they have a strong potential. Jon Kent and Damian Wayne, are the current Super boy and Robin, separately – and the children of Superman and Batman. They are setting the phase for the new super-sons and the comics will would bring us new stories for sure. So here we bring you five amazing super-kids of superheroes.

Superboy (Jon Kent)


Jon Kent, a.k.a. Superboy is the child of Superman and Lois Lane. Having as of late joined the DC Universe with “Resurrection,” his undertakings with his father have turned into the focal story of Superman. Jon Kent is going to break out all alone close by Damian Wayne, the child of his dad’s most established partner, Batman, in a titled called Super Sons, which takes its name from Silver Age “fanciful stories” about the offspring of the two saints collaborating together.

Malcolm Dragon


The stupendously named Malcolm Dragon is one of only a handful few superheroic kids who figured out how to grow up generally ordinarily. Regardless of the majority of that, however, he’s balanced, somewhat questionable and one of the most conceivable children in superheroes comic book.

All-New Wolverine


Laura Kinney is to a greater extent is a cloned little girl than a genuine one, made by grafting the DNA of Wolverine and D.r. Sarah Kinney… be that as it may, she’s his hereditary successor, and has the greater part of his capacities, including indestructible adamantium hooks. X-23 as she is in some cases known similar to, the present carrier of the Wolverine and a form of the character will show up in the third and last Wolverine solo film, Logan.

Kid Flash (Iris West)


Wally West might be back in real life as of “Resurrection,” yet he didn’t bring his family, not seen since the onset of the “New 52,” with him. In any case, before Wally took a visit from the DCU, his girl Iris West turned into another Impulse, starting a legacy that had been investigated in “Elseworlds” titles for quite a long time.

Spider-Girl (May Parker)

Super-Kids superheroes

A standout amongst the most famous super-kids of the superheroes out there, Mayday’s appearances go back and forth. In the MC2 corner of things, Mayday Parker grew up to be a superhero that truly couldn’t be kept down, regardless of how frequently her comic was drop. It’s anything but difficult to see why: She figured out how to be sufficiently reminiscent of the first Spider-Man stories without being a duplicate, and included an individual touch that spoke to perusers of any age.

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