10 Times Venom Went Too Far And Became a True Super Villain

Venom Became a Super Villain:

Venom is not known to be the best of the lot when it comes to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In Marvel, his methods are sometimes questionable. He also has a pretty dark past that the comic books would like to keep hidden. He may be a superhero now but his past actions sometimes make us question – is he truly worthy of any form of redemption?

 1. Kills Spider-Man by sucking the life out of him

The Venom symbiote works on this principle – in exchange for some truly incredible abilities granted by the symbiote, it will keep sucking the life out of its host. In an alternate universe, Spider-Man was unlucky enough to not realize this. In the mainstream universe, it was Peter meeting the Fantastic Four that led to Venom’s removal from his body but in this universe, he never met them so Spider-Man ended up being permanently bonded to Venom for life.

After the Avengers and the Fantastic four do meet him and try to stop his rampage, the Venom symbiote tries to take over the Hulk, leaving Peter Parker’s body behind. It is revealed that Peter does not have much of his body left, being shrunk down to s shriveled up pickle of a man.

 2. Kills Uncle Ben

Marvel created its own Manga Universe once. In this Universe, Spider-Man is actually a top student of the Spider-Clan. The other top student is Venom, who is also a ninja. Uncle Ben of this universe was not shot to death by an unknown assailant. In this universe, Uncle Ben was actually killed by Venom as his final act before he defected to the Shadow Clan – rivals to the Spider-Clan.

Spider-Man and Venom have a fight to the death as the former is looking for revenge. But after defeating Venom in single combat, Spider-Man spares his life. Venom returns the favor later when he helps Spider-Man defeat the effects of an evil amulet. Venom ends up sacrificing his life to save Spider-Man, redeeming himself for his murder of Uncle Ben.

 3. Destroys Metropolis

In the Comic Book series called All-Access, it is revealed that a superhero called Access is the one responsible for keeping the DC and Marvel Universe isolated. The comic book series’ first issue shows one major supervillain finding his way to the DC Universe. Venom lands right in the heart of Metropolis. Right after he lands on his feet, a confused and surprised Venom does what he does best – kill relentlessly without any hesitation until he can make heads and tails of the situation. It is only after Access and Superman join forces to use a STAR Labs Sonic Cannon that Venom is stopped in his tracks.

 4. Rapes a Man

Yeah, we are not even kidding. In Venom #12, a secret organization manages to capture the Venom symbiote. They intend to tap into their powers and use the guy as their personal henchman. There is one problem though – Venom dos not like being given orders to and kills any host they try to bond it with. In a last-ditch effort, they send two potential hosts – a mental patient and a serial killer. Venom grabs the Serial Killer and looks into his memories.

Venom Became a Super Villain

He had killed four men who had sexually assaulted him while he was in prison. Venom then latches onto the mental patient and grabs the Serial Killer. He says and we quote,” It’s going to happen again!” The pages do not show us what happens next but we can believe by Venom’s wordings that the Serial Killer was sexually abused by Venom before he killed him.

 5. Carnage

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

Parents are supposed to be responsible for the actions of their children. Venom’s firstborn is none other than the insane symbiote supervillain called Carnage. Carnage is one of the most bloodthirsty and deadliest villains out there in Marvel Comics. He has killed many people and destroyed many lives. Venom is a symbiote so it can reproduce asexually. When Eddie Brock was under custody, the Venom symbiote gave birth to a new offspring which then found its way to Brock’s Cell-Mate Cletus Kasady.

Unique And Powerful Abilities of Carnage

Kasady was a psychotic serial killer and he became the Carnage symbiote’s first host. His sociopathic tendencies imprinted on the Carnage symbiote that then inherited his insanity and has affected literally every other host he had with the same level of madness as Kasady’s. Venom is responsible for all the blood in his hands.

 6. Kills its own host by dropping him mid-air

Venom Became a Super Villain

Eddie Brock is the most famous host of the Venom symbiote. A long time ago, Eddie realizes that he has terminal stage cancer and the only thing that is keeping him alive is the Venom symbiote. But after a while, even he becomes fed up with the whims and fancies of the alien parasite and decided to kick him out of his body. Eddie sells the Venom symbiote to the highest bidder, who then extracts it out of his body.

Venom Became a Super Villain

Don Fortunato, the Crime Lord, is the highest bidder. He injects the alien symbiote into his son, trying to make a man out of the little guy. But Angelo Fortunato is a true coward. While fighting Spider-Man, he becomes so scared that he flees the scene. Venom, not happy with its host’s lack of spine, ends his life when it detaches itself from the host while Angelo is in mid-air, jumping from one building to another.

 7. Venom: Brain Eater

In the limited series called Hunger, Eddie Brock is trying to turn a new leaf by becoming the good guy. He does not want to be seen as a villain anymore. But the Venom symbiote is not ready to listen to its host’s whims. Venom needs meat. And he will take over its own host if he wants sustenance.

Venom Became a Super Villain

When a group of low lives tries to get the better of Eddie Brock, Venom takes over the body and literally eats them alive. To be precise, the attackers are missing their brains. When Eddie realizes what he has done, he gives up the life of a superhero and admits himself into an institution. The Venom symbiote again finds himself at a crossroads when he meets Eddie, his old host again after some time. This time Eddie makes the symbiote promise that in return for stopping to eat people’s brains, Eddie will saturate the little one with as much chocolate as he needs. Chocolates for brains – not a bad choice indeed!!

 8. Eats the Thing’s Tongue

Venom Became a Super Villain

If you think Venom’s actions are sometimes downright gross, wait till you listen to this. In Venom #11, Spider-Man and Venom end up fighting. Venom proves more than a match for Spider-Man who is then forced to take the help of the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four also turn out to be useless against Venom. But the Thing manages to get the upper hand. He singlehandedly takes down Venom and is almost on the verge of defeating him when Venom decides to give in to his true instincts.

He literally French kisses the guy and shoves his tongue down the Thing’s mouth. The Thing might be covered in stone but his mouth is still soft and tender and that is where Venom intends to inflict damage. Venom tries to eat his tongue when the Human Torch burns it off, ending the scuffle.

 9. Massacre at New Asgard

Venom Became a Super Villain

The Venom symbiote has had many hosts over the course of history. One such host is Mac Gargan. He is better known as the Scorpion, a prominent Spider-Man villain, and a powerful foe. Gargan had lost his Scorpion abilities but Norman Osborn gave him a huge upgrade. Gargan became the host to the Venom symbiote. He was truly a nasty beast. When New Asgard appeared over the city of New York, Norman Osborn – the then President of the United States of America, issued orders for the United States forces to invade the floating city, which he considered a national level threat!

Venom Became a Super Villain

Mac Gargan was dropped into the city where he used his symbiote powers to kill many Asgardians. He did not just kill them. Gargan was a cannibal so he literally ate many Asgardians during his rampage at New Asgard.

 10. The story of Venom and Lee Price

Venom Became a Super Villain

Coming to the topic of bad choices, if you think that Mac Gargan was the worst Venom of them all then friends you would be dead wrong. That award goes to Lee Price. Price was a true scum of the Earth. He was a sadist and a guy who loved to torture people. When he was a kid, he burned down his own house and killed his parents in a fit of rage. When the authorities came, he blamed the fire that was caused by a homeless mutant who lived on the streets. After gaining Venom powers, Lee’s price started using his newfound abilities for his own selfishness. He was so detestable that even the Venom symbiote tried to get rid of him but Lee Price mentally overpowered the symbiote and kept him as his slave for a long time.

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