10 Unknown Facts About The Green Arrow That You Must Know

Unknown Facts About The Green Arrow:

Green Arrow is one of DC’s oldest superheroes and he has had a very notable impact on the Comic Book community. The character has been interpreted in many different ways throughout his career and there are a lot of things that are still unknown to the fans.

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#1: Creation and Debut

Green Arrow was created by Mort Weisinger and he was designed by George Papp and he made his first appearance in the comic book More Fun Comics #73 in November 1941. The makers wanted to create a new superhero as they were relying a lot on Superman and Batman, so they created the character of Oliver Jonas Queen, a wealthy businessman, and owner of Queen Industries.

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#2: He is a very skillful man

As you all know The Green Arrow is an expert archer as he can shoot 29 arrows per minute but he also has a lot of other abilities. His physical abilities are at the peak condition and he is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant who is skilled in several fight forms. Apart from that, he uses a lot of high-tech equipment which includes a compound bow with various types of advanced arrows.

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#3: He has the support of Team Arrow

Just like all the other big superheroes in the DC universe, Green Arrow has an extensive supportive cast of characters, identified by the name Team Arrow. The team included his sidekick Speedy (Roy Harper and Mia Dearden) and fellow superhero and his main romantic interest, Black Canary. The team also had his son Connor Hawke who followed his father’s footsteps and Black Canary’s adopted daughter Sin.

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#4: He is willing to kill

Unlike other superheroes in the DC universe, Green Arrow’s moral compass is a bit skewed, as he is willing to go the extra mile and kill enemies if it comes to that. In Cry For Justice, Green Arrow tracked Prometheus to his hidden lair and killed him with a single arrow right between his eyes. Prometheus destroyed Star City, killing a lot of innocent people in the process, as part of his grand scheme to hurt the Justice League and by killing Prometheus, Green Arrow took his revenge.

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#5: Black Canary broke her marriage with him

After it was revealed to everyone that Green Arrow had killed Prometheus, Black Canary could not take it. She returned her wedding ring and declared that their marriage was over. Oliver was ultimately tried for his crime but was found not guilty as most of the jury sympathized with his motives. He was exiled from Star City and then he left to live in a mysterious forest.

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#6: He transformed into Black Lantern

One good thing about the DC universe is the fact that the stories are very unique. Green Arrow once transformed into a Black Lantern Corps member and in a fit of rage attacked his former allies, notably his son, wife, and sidekick. Oliver had control of his mind and he could see that he was in the wrong but he could not control his body.

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#7: He was beaten to death by Superman

In the Injustice storyline, Green Arrow sided with Batman’s insurgency and that made him Superman’s enemy. Green Arrow was ultimately beaten to death by the Man of Steel in his fortress of solitude after Superman mistakenly believed that the Insurgency wanted to harm his adopted parents. During his last moments, Oliver managed to use an arrow to deliver the super pill to the Insurgency so that his mission could be completed.

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#8: He was crippled and blamed the Justice League

In the storyline JLA: The Nail and its sequel, Oliver Queen is featured as a crippled ex-hero, as he lost an arm, an eye, and the use of his legs in a fight with Amazo, which also resulted in the death of Hawkman. Oliver became bitter and furious, and he went on to talk shows and ranted about The Justice League being aliens and claimed that they were planning to take over the world.

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#9: He became an anarchist and a Communist

Green Arrow had a prominent role in Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and its sequel. Even though he did not have an arm, he was still able to use his bow, thanks to his teeth. He eventually acquired a Cybernetic Replacement for his lost arm from Batman. In the Sequel, he was portrayed as an anarchist and he is explicitly described as a Billionaire turned Communist.

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#10: Similarities Between Green Arrow and Batman

Throughout history, Green Arrow has been regarded as a copy of Batman as they have a lot of similarities. Both the heroes use High-tech equipment, Green Arrow even had an Arrow car and an Arrowplane. Like Batman, Green Arrow had a sidekick named Speedy and he had an Arrow-Cave. His alter ego is a wealthy playboy and an Arrow Signal is used to summon him. Green Arrow even has a clown-like arch-enemy named Bull’s Eye.

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