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Now DC comics Has A Super-Soldier Serum Of Its Own

The world of comics is quite peculiar because of the leaps in logic it asks the reader to take. We have so much dream physics involved in the world of comics that we often forget how the real world works. Take the Super-Soldier serum, for example, for years Marvel has used the plot device to drive the majority of its stories. But now it seems that DC comics wants in on the actions. In the new issue of Teen Titans Academy #5 with writing by Tim Sheridan and art by Steve Lieber it has been revealed to audiences that Now DC comics Has A Super-Soldier Serum Too.

DC has always had its own style of narrative in the comics. They are usually very grim and write a gritty realistic universe. It is the prerogative of DC to create characters that are human and relatable. They want to use their famous properties to highlight important issues. One of my favorite Superman comics involves him helping a suicidal girl off the ledge. These kinds of narratives are powerful and DC employs them masterfully throughout their publications. It is, hence, strange for us to see a Suoer soldier serum making its appearance in the more grounded DC comics.

But the Super-Soldier serum of DC comics seems quite different than your average serum. For instance, it does not produce human soldiers, no sir, it mutates the injected into a Man-Bat. I know this all sounds overwhelming but DC seems to be having fun with the idea. Read on to find out the events of the comics.

The Teen Titan Conspiracy

During the recent events of Teen Titan Academy#5, the new recruits were tasked with locating the whereabouts of a villain named Red X. Red X is a strange masked captor that has been raising hell in Gotham for quite some time now. The bat-themed Titans were to locate and apprehend the villain but the series of events that led up to the confrontation had them sit and talk with him. In about to get information out of Red X, the titans had to reveal their origin stories to the villain.

The Teen Titan Academy students started sharing their pasts and soon the common denominator made itself clear. Diego told everyone how he was imprisoned by an evil scientist named Dr.Grusel. This scientist continuously experimented on the lad and finally injected him with the “Super-Soldier serum”. In Dr. Grusel’s words, this serum was supposed to make Diego into an Apex predator. The serum did just that by mutating him into a Man-Bat-like creature.

This was unexpected and it made Cupacarbra quite angry but the interesting part is the conclusion that Red X drew from the story. You see, Dr. Greusal using the word “Super-Soldier Serum” is not material at all because he is a crazy scientist. But Red X soon made it clear to the team that the serum had its hand in creating each and every one of them. This also means that Nightwing may have never recruited them if it were not for the serum. This implication is earth-shattering as far as the current state of the Teen Titan Academy comic goes.

The Breakdown

Now that DC has a Super Soldier Serum too in the comics, how long before we see their version of Captain America? I am just joking, The DC Super Soldier Serum is not the same as Marvel’s version. it seems that DC chose this particular nomenclature as a jab at Marvel themselves. After all, they are using it to turn children into Bat-like monsters. The Bat-themed Titans have a long journey ahead of them but it is clear to see that Red X will be a big hurdle in their journey.

The villain seems to be playing mind games with the team and he clearly knows something about their past that they don’t. It is quite peculiar to encounter such intelligent villains who know how to play their cards to get the vigilantes unnerved. You would think that the heroes have realized by now that all of the villains are good at mind games and new recruits should not be sent in alone and unsupervised. But it seems that they need a refresher on this.

What do you think about DC’s new Super-Soldier Serum? Do you think it is a wise move on DC’s end or is it a lawsuit waiting to happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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