5 WORST Things Ever Happened To The X-MEN

One issue into Marvel’s Death of X, and things aren’t searching so useful for the X-Men – and mutant kind on the loose. Taking a gander at the most recent mystery from Logan, asking “Where are every one of the mutants?” and the motion pictures isn’t much brighter. Be that as it may, this isn’t the first run through mutants have had some dull days or even the edge of termination.

Slaughters, Registration Acts, lethal infections that exclusive target mutants – they’ve come through it all.

With the up and coming “ResurrXion” promising a “start” or a “consummation” for X-Men, Newsarama has investigated mutant kind’s darkest days and came it down to a short rundown of the five most exceedingly awful things that have ever happened to the X-Men.

New X-Men’s End


After the X-Men’s most recent enroll, the inconceivably capable mutant Xorn, was uncovered to be Magneto in camouflage, the mutant danger rapidly brought down whatever is left of the group and vanquished New York, transforming it into his kingdom.

Despite the fact that the X-Men, at last, brought him down, Magneto’s annihilation did not come without impressive cost. In their last fight, Magneto killed Jean Gray – probably for the last time, as despite everything she hasn’t come back from the dead, despite the fact that her more youthful self is currently circling in the present day.

Setting aside all the later retcons and moving to restore the characters of both Xorn and Magneto as particular substances, the climactic circular segment of Grant Morrison’s New X-Men was one of the darkest sections in the X-Men’s history.



The regard amongst Wolverine and Cyclops, two of the best X-Men, was, for quite a long time, questionable, best case scenario. Wolverine and Cyclops shared an affection for Jean Gray, something neither of them could move beyond. Still, they cooperated as partners, with Wolverine doing the X-Men’s dirty work while Cyclops spoke to the substance of Xavier’s fantasy.

All that changed when activities by Quentin Quire and another Hellfire Club, lead by 12-year-old wonder Kade Kilgore prompt to Sentinels being assembled around the world. The X-Men set out to spare mutant kind from the Sentinels, yet over the span of their battle, a “super-Sentinel” assaults the X-Men’s home of Utopia.

In the battle with the super-Sentinel, Cyclops chose to activate the youthful class of mutant understudies on Utopia, a choice Wolverine fervently contradicted. The combine battled with each other while additionally fighting the Sentinel. At the point when the tidy settled, Wolverine and Cyclops went their different routes, with Wolverine coming back toward the east drift to open the Jean Grey School, and Cyclops staying on Utopia.

The Mutant Massacre


The “Mutant Massacre” didn’t hugely affect the X-Men straightforwardly. However, it had significant consequences for Marvel’s mutants both on and off the page. Off the page, it commenced a yearly custom of X-Men hybrids for the distributor. Be that as it may, in progression, it started a chain of occasions that would prompt to the passings and treacheries of various X-Men throughout the years.

“Mutant Massacre” recounts the account of Mr. Evil’s Marauders butchering the Morlocks – bent, barbaric looking mutants who stow away in the sewers. Over the span of the story, Angel loses his wings, driving specifically to Apocalypse making him his Horseman of Death. In the meantime, the puzzle of who lead the Marauders to the Morlocks was a focal X-Men secret for a considerable length of time – a riddle that was fathomed when it was uncovered that it was long-lasting X-Man Gambit.

The disclosure prompt to Gambit’s treachery of the X-Men, his joining the Marauders, and notwithstanding serving as a Horseman of Apocalypse himself for a period.

The Mutant Registration Act


The possibility of the Mutant Registration Act started in the “Times of Future Past” course of events as the “Mutant Control Act” that set off the grim future. Throughout the years, a few forms of the Mutant Registration Act have surfaced, all with appalling outcomes.

The original rendition was passed by Senator Robert Kelly, a long-term supporting character in the X-Universe. This in the end prompt to the development of Freedom Force, a legislature endorsed mutant group included fundamentally of previous individuals from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and led by Mystique. Opportunity Force was entrusted with finding mutants for the legislature.

The MRA was dropped as a plotline when Chris Claremont left the X-books. However, its belongings kept on reverberating, prompting to the death of Senator Kelly by Mystique and later in some ways impacting Civil War and Civil War II.

The Terrigen Bomb


The scourge of the Terrigen Mists is a new disaster to come to pass for mutant kind, surfacing just in the “All-New, All-Different” Marvel Universe, yet it’s as of now the main thrust against the present period of X-Men comic books and into the prequel occasion Death of X.

The Terrigen Mists are, of course, the great substance that engages Inhumans. When they were discharged into the Earth’s environment toward the end of Infinity, they had some surprising results on mutants – they disinfect the X-Gene in beginning mutants, and cause an odd torment called “M-Pox.”

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