10 Times DC Pushed The Justice League Way Too Far

DC Comics has been around for quite some time now, and a lot of its characters over the time have proved themselves worthy of being called heroes. But, in some situations, even these hardened heroes tend to get stuck in a jam, which challenges the very fiber of morals that they have fought for so long to uphold. These situations arise due to circumstances, which cannot be surpassed through normal or regular tactics and requires one to use or employ ideas out of the box. However, sometimes to achieve these once assumed unachievable targets, the characters of DC comics are made to cross boundaries where no one has ever gone before. Here is a list of incidents or moments in DC comics, that witnessed the Justice League push the boundaries of normal, to achieve their target goals.

Heroes in Crisis

This alternate version of the Justice League storyline was published in 2018. The narrative focused on the events following the deaths of several heroes and reformed DC comics Villains from the storyline. The storyline also witnessed a place called the Sanctuary, which served as a rehabilitation center for heroes dealing with mental health challenges. The story witnesses the Sanctuary, deploy a weird method to help the heroes. The process sees them reliving their worst trauma, in the name of healing. It is one of the darkest and twisted plots amongst a man of the Justice League narratives.

Justice League: Gods And Monsters

DC Pushed The Justice League
DC Pushed The Justice League

This version of the narrative reminded its viewers that goodness can come in any form. Irrespective of who you might be. It also portrays to the readers of the selfless goodness that is needed to wield overwhelming power responsibly. But goodness has many myriad forms and can be rediscovered no matter the adversities. The versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are far from their original storyline and are filled with bone-chilling moments which is guaranteed to leave the readers in a complete shock and awe state.

Justice League: A Better World


The Detective Comics Animated Universe has been known for this mind-numbing animated movie, that witnessed the Justice League take a very bad turn. The narrative witnesses the Justice League, still maintaining Law & Order and Earth, but for some reason, their logic and compassion seem to have been negated from the entire arc. The way they deliver Justice is by undermining any judicial institutions within the country to ensure quick and swift justice.

Throne of Atlantis

This narrative witness Arthur Curry aka Aquaman put his obligations to his team, in the back seat and for a change fulfill his moral obligations towards his country and fellow Atlanteans. The story witnesses a naval exercise going wrong, and with Atlantis under the rule of Orm aka Ocean master declares war against the surface. Arthur is finally able to overcome the situation, with help from the leaguers, and finally restore everything to normal.

Crime Syndicate of America

This version of the Justice League exists on Earth-3, and witness a complete makeover of its characters’ names, personalities, and powers. For example, Superman became Ultraman, Batman became Owlman, and Wonder Woman became Superwoman. The narrative witnessed these Syndicate members, conquering their planet and eventually getting bored by the ease with which they achieved global domination. Thus, in an attempt to make things interesting they try to take over the other multiverse’s, which brings them into a conflict with the Justice League from Earth-1 & The Justice Society from Earth-2.


DC Pushed The Justice League
DC Pushed The Justice League

The Flashpoint narrative witnessed Flash (Barry Allen), make a slight alteration to his past which entailed him going back and stopping ‘Reverse Flash’ from killing Barry’s mother. But this altercation has terrible effects on the present times, the Justice League is nowhere in existence. And Aquaman and Wonder Woman have waged war against each other, that have left part of Europe in ruins and does not look like good news for the rest of the world. Along with Batman (Thomas Wayne) and Cyborg, Flash somehow manages to reset the timeline and bring everything back to normal.

Identity Crisis

The Identity crisis witnessed a very different kind of narrative, the story witnessed the gruesome murder of one of the Leaguer’s wives. The investigation was immediately panned to another Leaguer, for his past abusive relationship with the victim. The Leaguers decide to brainwash a criminal and along with him also the dark Knight, for his objection against the entire scenario. The culprit was captured, but it left a huge plot in the story where these bunch of Superheroes, just to ensure swift justice decided to sacrifice one of their own and best.


The Injustice story witnesses Superman lose himself, like the last thread that stopped him from going bad was burned away. The narrative witnesses Joker killing Lois Lane and her unborn child, this drives superman into a fit of rage and he ends up slaying the Joker. Post these events, we witness Superman along with some other Leaguers’ appeal for one global governance and policing. It is at this time that the other Leaguers stand up against Superman’s tyranny, especially Batman. Superman’s idea of One Earth governance stands against everything the Justice League was built on and somehow needed to be saved against the tyrannical rule of Superman.

Kingdom Come

The visually enticing artwork of the animated movie ‘Kingdom Come’ witnesses a rundown of the narrative. that witnesses a showdown between the old guardians of earth against the new antiheroes, with the fate of the world hanging by a thread. The narrative witnesses a new hero kill Joker, and the Justice League is blamed by the public for not delivering or achieving this much quicker in the past. Eventually, the new superheroes, start taking everything they need by force and it is then that Superman, along with the rest of the Leaguer’s take control of the situation and reinstate the Justice League protocols.

Tower of Babel

DC Pushed The Justice League
DC Pushed The Justice League

Batman has been known for his rationality and his distrust of superpowered individuals in the League, and it wouldn’t be any surprise if he already had a set of protocols against any member of the League. Batman’s acceptance of the fact that things might go wrong at any moment, has always been a hot topic of debate. In this narrative, however, Ras Al’ Ghul manages to steal these blueprints or contingencies from Batman and employs them against the members of the League. Eventually, it shows that Batman is extremely paranoid of all the superpowered individuals, and if push comes to shove, he would not even hesitate for a minute to put the leaguers into the ground. Especially if the lives of innocents and several others could be at stake, and cause an innumerable amount of loss and damage to the planet earth.

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