10 Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs – Ranked According to Power Level

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs:

Some are born great. Some have greatness thrust upon them. But for a different set of men, greatness is a consummation with technology. For, it is a surgical procedure that makes them an amalgamation of muscles and wires. Cyborgs have been the magnum opus of human transcendence theories since time immemorial. They have been a staple of science fiction. And none of the other fictional works have managed to make the cyborgs a part of everyday life the way comic books have. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the comic books and through that, the ability for a human body to update itself via technological in-grafting has also grown. Here are some of the best examples of the man-machine hybrids that are so well-endowed with firepower that they can take out a whole city by themselves.

 10. The Brain

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs

The Brain is Doom Patrol’s greatest foe. He is basically a Brain inside a very scary looking jar with a skull for a face. The Brain was a crazy French scientist whose radical theories about various disciplines fell on deaf ears. So he transferred his brain into a vat, achieving immortality and using a pet talking gorilla as his side kick. The Brain is extremely smart. What he lacks in fire power he more than makes up for in sheer intelligence. Some even claim the Brain’s IQ level is as high as Lex Luthor’s. And mind you, Lex Luthor had once managed to understand the Source Wall Dilemma on his own, a feat even God-like beings that came before him could not. So it suffices to the Brain that is a freaking genius.

 9. Super Patriot

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs

In the heat of World War Two, Johnny Armstrong was captured by Nazi scientists that experimented on him and gave him super strength and a host of other enhanced physical attributes. Johnny was supposed to become a brain-washed Nazi stooge. But as typical of a real American Hero, he broke out of his captor’s control and destroyed the internment camp he was being held hostage in. He then became the superhero SuperPatriot and led a life of vigilantism in America during the Vietnam War era. He is a staunch believer in pacifism and is an Anti-War activist. In the ’90s, he was kidnapped by Cyber Data Corporation that gave him cybernetic enhancements and turned him into a metalhead. His new set of abilities included energy weaponry, enhanced senses and a super cool as well as almost impenetrable red, white and blue armor coating.

 8. We3

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs

If you thought all Cyborgs are human beings, you could not be more wrong. We3 is an award-winning storyline that tells the story of three seemingly harmless domestic animals that were kidnapped and their body was replaced by a cyborg torso that could be fitted with advanced weaponry and firepower. Their brain structure was also changed and they became smarter than the average human being. We3 is Homeward Bound if you replace the pet animals with freaking Terminators. After the three animals that had successfully completed several assassination missions for the United States, discovered that they were being decommissioned, they broke out of their cells and became fugitives. It is a heart-wrenching tale of survival and betrayal.

 7. Cyber

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs

Silas Burr was a Veteran of the First World War. Once he got on the wrong side of Wolverine after Silas Burr killed Wolverine’s romantic interest at the time. Wolverine stabbed Burr in the eye but Burr managed to escape. He was later seen sporting a cybernetic implant for his damaged eye. Then he went a complete body overhaul. Most of his body was replaced with cybernetic parts and his skin was replaced with Adamantium Armour. Cyber and Wolverine have fought each other several times and Wolverine has won most of the time due to his enhanced healing factor. Cyber was killed By Genesis when he was looking for Adamantium to hatch his next evil scheme.

 6. Stryker

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs

In Top Cow comics, Stryker was a celebrated soldier that was taken in by Cyber Data as a test subject and turned into a cyborg. Now equipped with enhanced strength, speed and intelligence, Stryker became a vital member of the Special Hazardous Operations Cyborgs. But Cyber Data turned out to be a highly corrupt entity and Stryker managed to get out after a medical practitioner called Doctor Corben got the secret cyber box installed inside Stryker’s brain to rob him of his free will. Stryker then made it his life-long mission to free the other cyborg soldiers under Cyber Data’s pay role and en the global corporation and their evil practices once and for all.

 5. Metallo

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs

The Metallic nemesis of Superman ranks in the fifth position in our list. Metallo. John Corben was a career criminal until he met with a fatal accident that destroyed almost his entire body. The brain was then transplanted into a robot and he then became Metallo. Metallo is so infamous because of the very energy source that powers it. Metallo’s core is an energy source that is not from this world. It is Kryptonite. That is the reason Superman has so much trouble dealing with this cyborg supervillain. Metallo has had varied reasons for trading fists with the Man of Steel. Sometimes Superman just gets in his way and there are times when Metallo decided to challenge Superman for Lois Lane’s hand in marriage. But Metallo never did really have an upper hand because all one needs to do is take that Kryptonite out and he is basically a steaming pile of junk.

 4. Deathlok

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs

Deathlok is a very old cyborg superhero that debuted first in 1974 in one of the Marvel Comics issues. Luther Manning was a retired United States Soldier when he was brought into the Deathlok Project. Doctor Ryker redesigned Manning to become a programmable cyborg with various mechanical enhancements. While Ryker only had good intentions in mind for Deathlok, the United States did not. Deathlok was a one of a kind machine, showing the first successful integration of biology and cybernetics to form the perfect killing machine. Deathlok was so powerful that Shield later used the Deathlok Project’s data to create their own army of cyborg super soldiers.

 3. Blood Shot

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs

Blood Shot is another superhero caught in the web of an evil corporation trying to make and sell superweapons in the Black Market. Blood Shot is also a retired US Soldier (we know, the comic books have a thing with Cyborgs and Soldiers) that is provided technological modifications in the form of prototype nano-sized robots that are injected into his bloodstream. The nanotech robots are self-replicating and allow Blood Shot the ability to instantly heal himself, superhuman physical attributes and the ability to control technology. It also gives Blood Shot a deathly pale look. If death really had a face, it would pretty much look like Blood Shot.

 2. Cable

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs

Nathan Summers was just a child when he was infected with the techno-organic virus by Apocalypse. His father Cyclops sent him to the future theorizing that the future might have found a cure for the virus, which presently did not exist. Cable returns some time later as a full-grown cyborg hunk of a man. His vast telepathic and telekinetic abilities aside, the techno-organic virus has given him a bionic arm that can lift weights multiple times that of a normal human being. He can also see in infra-red and his fire-arms can be linked to his cybernetics. Cable’s mutant powers and his cyborg abilities make him double the threat and double the fun to watch.

 1. Cyborg

Strongest Comic Book Cyborgs

The Ultimate Machine-Human hybrid – Cybrog’s real name is Victor Stone. His father, a well-respected scientist working at Star Labs, used advanced alien technology to turn Victor into Cyborg after his son met with a fatal accident that mutilated his organs and left him on the verge of death. Cyborg’s head is a vast repository of information that keeps on learning new things. He can hack into any computer system, generate and process petabytes of data in seconds and use that information in the most creative ways imaginable. His abilities do not just end there. Cyborg’s body is extremely malleable. He can scan and equip himself with literally any form of weaponry and augmentations. When it comes to Cyborgs, literally no one comes even close to hold a candle to Cyborg’s might.

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