5 Most Fucked Up Things Happened In Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan comic that was released in 2008 is a pretty gruesome storyline, having a lot of death, misery, and sorrow, oh.. and all your favorite heroes have already died and a gray-haired Logan is here on some bad adventure of his own:

The New Spider-Girl

This arc also showcases a new Spider-Girl, she well, be as surprised you can she is the daughter of Logan’s sidekick in the story, Hawkeye’s daughter. Hawkeye who himself is blind. The part that will gross you out is that she is the daughter of Clint Barton and Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man’s daughter. Just imagine the huge age gay, man!!

The Bones

This is a post-apocalyptic America, here Loki’s gigantic bones can be seen piled up in front of the Baxter Building, also one huge skeleton probably of the Giant man can also be seen lying on the barren lands, showing some great battle that once took place.

Hulk Swallows Wolverine

While battling Hulk, on who’s land Wolverine stays in this comic, Hulk does something that one expects the least, he tears Wolverine from the middle and swallows him whole, but due to Wolverine’s healing capabilities he heals and comes out in an amazing way.

Wolverine Kills Hulk

The Old Man Logan comics sure are gory as they start with the Hulk’s grandchildren murdering Logan’s entire family. Enraged by this, Logan takes revenge by killing all of Hulk’s family but one, Hulk himself, Wolverine when inside Hulk tears him up from the inside. This sure was one of the most gruesome deaths in the comics.

President Red Skull

Old Man Logan

In this story Red Skull is the president of the USA, he orders S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to kill Hawkeye and Wolverine. Hawkeye, who’s blind with both eyes but still a great fighter dies and Wolverine regenerates when he has had it all he picks up Captain America’s shield and chops his neck off with it.

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