Doctor Strange Invents a New Weapon More Powerful Than Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit

Doctor Strange new weapon powerful than Iron Man suit:

There have been numerous instances in recent years in Marvel Comics where the comic books have dissed on one of their major and most fan-favorite superhero character – Iron Man. Tony Stark is a person that has left a huge legacy behind for Marvel to look up to. Marvel literally was made on Iron Man’s shoulders. He was one of the founding members of Marvel’s greatest and most popular Superhero team the Avengers.

The comic books have not been kind to Iron Man though. Tony Stark was made bankrupt, put through a coma, and replaced. But now, Marvel has finally crossed a line. They are trying to make another popular superhero take Tony Stark’s place as the go-to inventor and genius of Marvel Comics. Presenting – Doctor Strange invents a new weapon more powerful than Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit!!!!

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Surgeon Supreme @2 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

Doctor Strange New Weapon

After making a deal with a powerful demon lord, Doctor Strange has got back the motor skills in his hands, the primary reason for which he traveled to Kamar Taj to learn magic. Even though Doctor Strange had given up on curing his hands and had made peace with the fact that he would never be whole again and focused all his energies on being the Sorcerer Supreme, this new chain of events has given him so much needed course correction and not to mention some additional benefits.

To celebrate Stephen Strange’s return to his medical profession, Marvel Comics launched Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme. Stephen Strange was gone for a long time and the Hospital had to make special arrangements for him to return. Even though he is fully equipped to become a doctor again, Strange is only called for the cases that nobody else could tend to. He deals with patients that are affected by the occult and supernatural forces and need the Sorcerer Supreme’s medical expertise as an intervention. Any magic in the Marvel Universe comes at a price. Since Strange will be dealing with the patients using magic, he does not want them to pay the price for his magic.

It was another typical day at the Hospital when the Wrecker of the Super-Villain team the Wrecking Crew barges in. The Wrecker holds a magically reinforced enchanted crowbar that has incredibly mystical abilities.  The Crowbar has had a power upgrade. The Wrecker was never a problem for Doctor Strange. But this time, the Wrecker was too strong for Strange, who almost died when the Wrecker cornered him at the banks of the Hudson River and left him for dead. At the final moment, Doctor Strange uses a teleportation spell to transport himself to the Sanctum Machina, Doctor Strange’s magical forgery he uses to craft magical weapons.

There, Doctor Strange decides to make a weapon of his own to rival that of the Wrecker. The scenes of Strange wearing the welding goggles and the hard leather apron and going to town with those heavy machines gave us a nostalgic feeling that took us back to the 2008 Iron Man movie, where Tony Stark was trapped in a cave and developed the Mark 1 Iron Man suit and escaped the Ten Rings terrorist organization.

What we cannot digest is the fact that Marvel Comics had the audacity to use those scenes to shit on Iron Man’s hard-earned legacy. Why is Doctor Strange being positioned as the new Inventor Supreme of Marvel Comics?? That is and forever will be Iron Man’s job?? And more importantly, what is this weapon that he created that will help him stop the Wrecker and his magic Crow Bar?

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