When Sansa Stark’s Life Made Getting Squashed Under A Metro Seem Nice

Sansa Stark is the proverbial scapegoat of Game Of Thrones. Her trajectory has arguably been the most gruesome, horrific and tragic of all the characters, which is saying something for a show in which people’s heads get lopped off casually, and in which favourite characters drop down like bowling pins. We’ve charted out the course of Sansa’s sad, sad life, in the hope that all the tragedies that befell her knocked some sense into her, and that the coming season will be The Season Of Sansa Stark.

When She Crushed On A Psychopath

Game of Thrones is a show which makes your single status seems somewhat comforting, given that the incestuous relationship between Jaimie and Cersei seems the least dysfunctional of the relationships.

But no one makes being forever alone seem as appealing as Sansa, who fell for Joffrey, who was basically Damien come to life, and whose idea of romance seemed to include forcing her to kiss his sword, beheading her father and stripping her in public.

Joffrey is the one terrible guy every teenage girl has a crush on. Except that every teenage girl doesn’t end up marrying said terrible guy. Sansa’s heartbreak and consequent disillusionment made us feel for her, despite her myopic behaviour.

THE Sansagate

This was the episode which made the show lose a lot of loyal fans. In a nutshell : Sansa was raped by Ramsay Bolton on their wedding night while Theon Greyjoy was forced to watch. This proved to be too much, as the show had already received flak for the way it treated its female characters. Most viewers were especially outraged with the gratuitous use of sexual violence which wasn’t there in the books. Others just found it plain outrageous, and we have to admit, it was one episode that shook us badly.

When Her Best Husband Was Tyrion

Sansa was forced to marry Tyrion, the alcoholic man who was also half her size. And the sad part is, this was actually one of her best marriages. Sansa’s dating life makes the weird guy you met on Tinder seem like Brad Pitt. As Tyrion said, “The disgraced daughter and the demon monkey. We’re perfect for each other.” The only good things about Tyrion were that he did not deliberately set out to make her life hell, and he didn’t force her into bed.

Poor Sansa. Her character is Game Of Throne’s was of showing us how much the human spirit can go through and that it is possible to stand up and face the world no matter what (your parents getting killed your first love turning out to be a monster, geting raped etc). However, we’d really like to see Sansa’s character progress and hopefully, move from the oppressed to the oppressor. We’re rooting for you, Sansa!

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