10 Alternate Costume Designs That Almost Happened In CW Arrowverse

CW is the biggest Superhero network these days as it airs 4 Superhero shows at once and already has more coming. These Superheroes on CW have had various costume designs and concept arts of how they will look in live-action. Out of many, the ones that made into the light are the ones we see on the network, but there are many that CW does not want us to see and they just might be better than what we actually got. Here is a list.

Black Canary (Sara Lance)

Everyone would agree that Sara Lance was a better Canary than Laurel and even her costume was better than Laurel’s. It totally seemed inspired by the one in the comics. Well, according to this concept art, it could have been even more comic-accurate and it looks a little better than the one we actually got.

Sara Lance was killed by Thea Queen under the influence of her biological father Malcolm Merlyn, she was then resurrected by Laurel through Lazarus Pit which brought her back from the dead but she became more violent. Oliver called Constantine to restore her soul as he is the best when it comes to dark arts. Sara then left everyone and became part of the Captain Hunter team of legends aka White Canary.

Jesse Quick

Another Speedster to be added in team Flash was Jesse Quick from Earth 2. Well she has got a great costume and it looks even better than Wally’s costume, but it could have been even better according to this alternate costume design. There is a little change in the design and the face mask is even bigger and better. It is missing the Logo which would have been surely added later on. Well, it is what it is now, and we have to stay satisfied with it.

In season 2, when Prof. Wells was trying to recreate conditions of a particle accelerator explosion to restore Flash’s powers, accidentally Wally and Jesse got exposed to the dark matter radiation. It was only a matter of time before Jesse transformed into a speedster “Jesse Quick”. In comics, she is an alter-ego of Jesse Chambers, an extraordinary woman with super-speed powers. She is part of a multi-generational superhero family. She is the daughter of Golden age superheroes – Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. She is not a natural speedster like Zoom or Barry Allen, she derives her super-speed powers through a special formula.

Reverse Flash

Many fans wished that the costume that Reverse Flash wore in the first season was pretty bland and this concept art shows that the show was very close to give us a perfect costume that was both deadly and true to the comics at the same time.

Why CW why?? We know that this one was always hard to decide but the one in the concept art is just way better than the one we got. He has been the most amazing and terrifying villains on CW’s ‘The Flash’. He can move across different worlds and timelines in split seconds. The actor Tom Cavanagh pulled off a masterful performance as Prof. Wells aka Reverse Flash in season 1.

Nyssa Al Ghul

Well, Nyssa’s costume on the show has been satisfactory since there are not many fans who would care about this particular character a lot. But it could have been very different and might have looked more free than the one we saw on Arrow.

Although she is not a series regular, fans really liked her when she would appear onscreen. She helped Team Arrow in season 2 when Mira Kuru soldiers at the behest of Slade Wilson attacked Starling city. The actress Katrina Law has done a commendable job playing Nysa Ahl Ghul (daughter of Ra’s Ahl Ghul).


If you liked the look of Livewire on the show, well then you might be surprised to see that she might have looked even more like a Zombie, or you could say, a modern Wight Walker who can manipulate electricity. As much as we might think that this concept art would be cool, we cannot deny that what we got was not good.

She is not really nemesis of Supergirl or anything but in comics, she is more bad-ass than was presented on CW’s Supergirl.


This is a custom design that should have made the final cut as it looks seriously awesome. We only got to see this villain once, so they should have given the perfect version of the character. In pursuit of making the costume more realistic, they ended up making it too plain.

Hopefully, they will make amends and give Multiplex his due.


This is the same thing that has happened with Colossus in the X-Men series and Deadpool. The character looked and felt much better when we got a CGI version of it, and Girder, being similar to Colossus was portrayed similarly to the X-Men series.

Investing more budget for making a CGI version would have delivered a much epic scene that we got.


Well, this one looks pretty similar to the one we saw in live-action with only minor differences, so it is okay to say that we were pretty satisfied with it, but looking at this concept art, we can see that there is more detail to the costume and it has more color to it. So, it might have been a little superior to look at.

Dr. Alchemy was one of the villains on ‘The Flash’ where he possessed a sacred “philosopher’s stone” that granted him the ability to activate the powers of dormant meta-humans. He was the reason ‘The Rival’ aka Edward Clariss became a speedster in both Flashpoint and alternate timelines. Further, Wally West got his Kid Flash powers through philosopher’s stone.

Captain Cold

Not that there is a problem with Captain Cold’s Costume on the multiple shows he appears in, but it is way too simple. This design shows that the makers had something very bold and amazing in mind some might feel that the one in the concept art should have been pursued as it is much cooler looking and true to the comics.

Wentworth Miller (of Prison Break) garnered a huge amount of fame and attention of DC fans when donned the mantle of Snart aka Captain Cold. He started off as one of many Flash villains but when Miller’s portrayal of the character started to gain traction, he was inducted into Legends of Tomorrow. At the recent CW’s mega-crossover, he was Citizen Cold on Earth-X where he was the good guy fighting against Nazis who won the war. Well, he is now leaving CW shows for good.


One of the recurring problems that costume designers face when they are creating looks for characters on an ongoing TV series is trying not to replicate the same look on different characters. This is what they tried to do with Rival as the original costume design looked similar to Zoom, so they put on a different mask for the character and that is good for the fans.

He was first introduced in 1949 Flash Comics, Issue #104, he was the Reverse Flash of Jay Garrick’s Golden age era. He is the nemesis of Kid Flash during the Flashpoint timeline.

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