4 Astonishing Similarities Between Harry Potter And Voldemort

Harry Potter and Voldemort are like two parallel roads which can never meet, but that does not mean that these roads cannot have similarities between them. Harry Potter was the chosen one to end the Voldemort, but he shared many common characteristics of Voldemort. Here we’re counting down four major similarities between both the characters:

Both Had Common Source of Wand


Voldemort and Harry Potter both had the common source of wands. Both of the wands had cores of Phoenix feathers. In Harry Potter and the philosophers stone Harry went to the shop to purchase a wand, the same wand suited him that had suited Voldemort.The mystical creature gave only two feathers which cored the two wands that were of Harry and Voldemort.

Both Viewed Hogwarts As their Home


They both were orphans raised in Muggles world.Harry Potter parents were killed by the dark lord when he was few months old. Since then he lived with his mother’s sister who treated him worse than a slave. He never used to return to them when he grew up and proffered to stay at Hogwarts even during the Christmas.Voldemort was also an orphan discovered by Albus Dumbledore, so he made Hogwarts as his home.

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