10 Best Secret Agents In Hollywood Movies

Every now and then, we get to see a certain spy movie that really blows our mind away. From James Bond to Jason Bourne, we have seen it all and we have really loved these secret agent characters personally. Here are the best Secret agents in various movies.

Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin – Kingsman series

Played by Taron Egerton, Eggsy is a great new generation spy that we have seen and loved in the two Kingsman movies. He is innocent, lovable and a total bad-ass. Along with that, being a Kingsman he has a certain class that one desires to see within a true gentleman.

Susan Cooper – Spy (2015)

Way ahead of many other Spy characters, Susan Cooper is a totally unique CIA agent who goes from desk job to field work and totally nails it. She is not the typical under-cover agent that we would admire, she is totally the opposite and still one of the best. She totally makes up for her physical looks by her brains and skills in the field. Along with that, she kicks ass by actually making people laugh which is the best thing about her. Melissa McCarthy totally nailed this character.

Harry Hart – Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

Colin Firth’s Harry Hart in Kingsman was one of the best Spy characters we would ever see. His ability to neutralize targets was seen in the ultimate church fight scene where everyone loses control and he was the only man standing at the end of everything. Along with that, he is vastly experienced, way better than Eggsy as he is his mentor, and taught him everything, i.e. from being a true gentleman to a kick-ass Spy!

Evelyn Salt – Salt (2010)

We have seen Anjalina Jolie kicking butt in various action movies, but this one was the best of them all as she plays the enigmatic Evelyn Salt. It is unclear throughout the movie that which country which she supports but she was the ultimate Spy in the movie. This Question will stay in our mind until the end but it’s Jolie’s performance that keeps the story simmering: she’s dangerous, sly and, perhaps, a traitor – and that’s what makes her so compelling to watch.

Harry Tasker – True Lies (1994)


In James Cameron’s True Lies, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the particularly brawny Harry Tasker – a covert operative who pretends to his wife and daughter that he is a computer salesman. He is a total Spy as he gets to do everything you’d expect from a field agent, being a charming ladies’ man, extremely skillful and proficient in various situations, effective combatant and a total gentleman. He is not the most subtle of secret agents, but he’s probably one of the most creative when it comes to moments of crisis (flying a fighter plane within a city and blasting stuff does prove my point!)

Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin – The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

Napoleon Solo played by Henry Cavill is an American Spy who fluently speaks six languages, is the charming undercover agent, a ladies man and very efficient in Hand to hand combat. Illya Kuryakin is a Russian KGB agent, played by Armie Hammer is immensely strong, and an exceptional Spy. These two initially work against each other, but when they figure out that they are after the same goal, they ultimately unite and a duo of these two was just unbeatable.

Agent K and J – Men in Black series

This is one of the most comic and best Spy duo in the entire Hollywood. Agent K played by Tommy Lee Jones is a vastly experienced, highly trained and quite a stubborn agent, whereas agent J played by Will Smith is a really charismatic, loud-mouthed and skillful agent. These two work for the Men in Black Agency that secretly protects earth from Extra-terrestrials. The two together offer a wide range of skills being totally the opposite of each other and the chemistry between the two is totally great, which makes them a very lethal duo.

Jason Bourne – The Bourne Series

Played by Matt Damon, Jason Bourne is the ultimate spy one would expect, but he comes with a twist. What if one day you wake up, don’t remember anything from the past but out of nowhere, you have certain skills that a Spy would have. Throughout the 4 movies, Bourne explored who he really was, gave us different car chase scenes and kicked a whole lot of Ass.

Ethan Hunt – Mission Impossible Series

Played by Tom Cruice, Ethan Hunt is the agent you would totally want to have in your agency because he would not give in at any cost and will not rest until the mission he takes on is accomplished. He is the ultimate risk taker, not afraid of anything practically as we have seen him hang out of a plane, jump out of the tallest building in the world, survive underwater for more than 3 minutes without an oxygen tank and run faster than Usain Bolt. He is a human with superhuman abilities.

James Bond (1962- )

secret agents

The longest surviving secret agent is none other than 007 aka James Bond. Many actors have played the character, but the best portrayal is certainly the most recent one by Daniel Craig. Craig has played Bond for 4 movies and will possibly return for a fifth one. 007 is the true Spy as he hides in plain sight, is totally amazing with the ladies, can survive any situation and a very effective and skillful combatant. He is the best because he has lasted the longest.       

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