The Black Widow Reveal in Hawkeye Makes Clint Seem Like A Hypocrite

Hawkeye takes on some of the most essential elements from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that overshadow the events of this series. There were various moments in the series where we could get a reference to the events that played a massive impact on the character development of Hawkeye. Before we got to explore Black Widow’s character there was only one significant event that was a part of her and Hawkeye’s narrative. The bond that they shared became something that brought a lot of trauma to Clint ever since Natasha sacrificed herself for the Soul Stone. But when Clint makes this Black Widow reveal in Hawkeye Episode 4, we realize that it actually makes him a bit of a hypocrite based on his own dark past.

Hawkeye Episode 4

This episode from Disney+’s Hawkeye actually had a lot of elements working together while at the same time addressing the Christmas vibe. There were very specific moments from the show that showed Kate and Clint bonding over things and Clint actually ends up teaching her some skills too. But then things to a serious turn when Kate ends up asking him a question and without even blinking Clint responds with something he feels like he shouldn’t. Kate asks her what was his greatest shot because it seems like something as a part of bonding between two archers. And, Clint answers with the greatest one being the “shot he didn’t take”, which was a narrative behind saving Natasha Romanoff.


Clint actually gets quite serious when he is talking about this and he intends to avoid this conversation in front of Kate. He then explains that he was ordered to kill Romanoff because of her status as a deadly Russian assassin. Clint decided to go against his orders because he felt that Natasha actually wanted out and it all resulted in the narrative that we got to see in the MCU. Both of them ended up being partners in S.H.I.E.L.D. that would play out a major role in the MCU narrative.


Clint Becomes On Hypocritical

Black Widow Reveal in Hawkeye

But the very dark part of this conversation was the fact that Clint goes on to say that he is not a hero and it goes to show how much he hates himself for the things that he did. Kate actually realizes that Clint was the Ronin because of various reasons but primarily because of the silence he has for the question about Ronin. He states that he went to become Ronin because it was something that he was always meant to be. Clint states that he was trained to be a weapon with the intent to kill and thus he looks at himself as someone who couldn’t be a hero. Clint did not do the same for Natasha, as he overlooked over her dark past in order to help her out.  


Maybe we will get to see Hawkey come to terms with the fact that there is a lot of good in him and he is a lot more than what he thinks he is. Clint has continuously indicated that he did what he did not for becoming a hero but because he thought it was the right thing to do. But everyone around him thinks differently about this and the series plays a major role in indicating that he is a lot more than that. Kate based her entire life as someone who was massively influenced by Clint and continues to state that he is a hero. This is also why she doesn’t feel scared when she actually finds out that Clint was Ronin.


Black Widow Reveal in Hawkeye

We are getting to see a lot of depth to the character Clint Barton through this series and the fact that he actually wants to resolve the issue caused by what he did during the blip. Now that Yelena is also here he might have to open up about the events of Avengers Endgame so that he can let her know what actually happened. Whatever happens, we don’t see Kate leaving his side till the end, and maybe that will convince him about his persona.


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