3 Popular Actors Who Hated Their Superhero Costumes

When directors tell stories adapted from the comic book, designing superhero costumes is what make them tickle the gray matter. It takes a lot planning to design suits that should connect with the characters of stories. Well, designers have to face an uphill battle right from the idea of fabricating it. And one of the major challenges is to engineer the costumes understandable to the viewers. With all of that, it is understood that superhero costumes are not always comfortable for actors. And some of them are not just lucky enough to get what they expect. We bring you three actors who hated their superhero costumes.

1. Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern


CGI is an amazing phenomenon, it brings people back out of their graves. The Green Lantern suit, which is computerized from head to the toe, was not comfortable for Ryan Reynold. He hated this ridiculous dress. He later comical as Deadpool wearing a red -black suit and took a few jabs at his past role. In his interviews, he thanked the Deadpool suit was not a CGI one like Green Lantern.

2. Margot Robbie from Suicide Squad


Harley Quinn shined in the movie, but for her, the journey has been pretty cold. Booty shorts, baseball T-shirt and a baseball bat, was not like rest of the characters in the movie which were heavily dressed. The actresses were quick to remind people that there is a line between when she ends and her character begins. In one scene when she was soaking wet and when the broke for lunch she ate a burger wearing the wet costume. Well, we get it.

3. Paul Bettany from Captain America: Civil War


Spending 20 hours a day wearing rubber glue is definitely uncomfortable and we get it why it pissed off Paul Bettany. He was dressed fully from head to the toe wearing that ridiculous dress, which looks cool but didn’t make Bethany “feel cool”. People just see what he looked like but they didn’t know there were tubes underneath him, pumping ice water to make him cool. And this happened with other co-stars as well. It used to take 4 hours to get dressed in it and one minute to rip it off.

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