X-Men: Dark Phoenix Tracking $50 Million in The Opening Weekend at Box Office

Over the years, Marvel has successfully managed to completely change the mentality of people towards superhero movies but they simply can’t take away the whole credit for this alone. A lot of other movie franchises too have played a crucial role in this and one of those big-big contributors is X-Men series. Well now, this great franchise is coming to an end with the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix and its box office projection reports have dropped. And they’re hinting towards a $50 million opening weekend for this final film.  

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Box Office

It has been reported by The Hollywood Reporter that X-Men: Dark Phoenix could have a weak opening weekend of just $50 million. I think this is sad news for the makers and all the fans of X-Men, because, if this turns out to be true then it’s going to be one of the lowest numbers ever earned by any X-Men movie. Well, many people of the industry are saying that the reason for these low projections is that X-Men: Apocalypse was a flop and, now fairly fewer people are interested in this one.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Box Office

Well, the only hope is the reviews of the audience after the end of the opening weekend. If they come out good then there are chances that people would later pull out their wallets and go watch it in theatres but, the current scenario around the film is very low right now. Also, another reason for these low estimations is that people already know a lot of things because of too many reshoots. The trailers aren’t gripping either and so, all of this together might fail the franchise. Well, we do hope that this film does well at the box-office because we just think that this franchise deserves a good see-off.

It is going to release on June 7th. Are you excited? Tell us in the comments section down below.

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