The First Concept Art For The Eternals Shows Us A Young, Horrifying Thanos

Marvel’s next big team-up movie is going to be The Eternals but there’s more than a year left before we could get to see it. The film will begin production in August and it will be based on the creation of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, following the story of characters who are described as an offshoot of the evolutionary process that created sentient life on Earth. The original instigators of this process, the alien Celestials, intended the Eternals to be the defenders of Earth, but their experimentation also led to the creation of their destructive counterparts, the Deviants.

The Eternals Thanos

This will be the ultimate prequel of the MCU and will introduce us to the cosmic God-like entities of the MCU, will probably explore somewhat of the Titan backstory. Avengers: Infinity War had the opportunity to explore the motivations of Thanos in even more detail as 30 minutes of footage giving us a look at his past was removed. Well, we can expect bits of it to be shown in Marvel’s upcoming ensemble.

The Eternals Thanos

Set in a timeline which falls a millennia ago, we could get to have a look at a young Thanos and his family. It is surprising that Thanos has survived for so long, and it should logically not be true. But this new concept art shared by Ryan Lang on twitter gives us a look at a young Thanos and his people which prove our assumptions wrong. Take a look, yourself:

“Thanos family portrait (not really). I was asked to visualize what Eternals looked like next to a young Thanos. I think there was a flash back at one point. That’s all I know.”

The Eternals Thanos

Obviously, Thanos is the son of A’Lars and Sui-San. His brother Eros was handsome and fun loving, while Thanos appears the way he does because he was born with the deviant syndrome. This will obviously be explored in the upcoming movie, and we will get our link to how The Eternals will be connected to the Infinity Saga.

The Eternals Thanos

In fact, to have an even better connection, we’ve got a theory which says that the Eternals were actually a result of the experimentation done using the Infinity Stones. Here’s what Reddit user insane_ravager suggests:

“In Guardians of the Galaxy we witness Eson the Searcher wiping out a whole planet. This is akin to the coming of the Hosts – the Celestials visiting and observing several planets to tune their experiments. So they used the Infinity stones not just to wipe out planets but also to experiment on certain races of beings (like human) that they deemed to be worthy. As a result, a race of powerful beings were formed-Eternals. Additionally, these experiments didn’t create Eternals only but also imbued some latent abilities to a portion of the rest of the humans who couldn’t be turned to Eternals. Long story short, Mutants were also created alongside the Eternals. A similar occurrence in the comics.

The Eternals Thanos

I think that the group of beings that tried to contain the stones as narrated by the Collector in GOTG could be infact the Eternals- either the Firstborn or members of the Higher Council of the race. And we may have got our very first version of the Illuminati. They tried to keep the stones away from the celestials. In the process an EVENT happened (kind of an accident)- somewhat similar to the snap of the stones and thus rendered the Eternals as well as the Mutants dormant.

With a few snaps happening in the current timeline, the EFFECT could have reversed and thus Eternals and Mutants have become active.”

The Eternals Thanos

This could just be so amazing. Since the Deviants were also created by the experiments of the Celestials, it could actually mean that Thanos himself was a result of the Infinity Stones. Then 1000s of years later, he tried to use the Stones to wipe out the entire Universe for good, only to start from scratch. Funny how life works!

Directed by Chloe Zhao, and from a script written by brothers Matthew and Ryan Firpo, The Eternals will supposedly come out on November 6, 2020.

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