The New Mutants Trailer Reveals Hidden Story Details

New Mutants Trailer:

Just yesterday, we got a surprise trailer for The New Mutants.This is a film which has constantly struggled to get released for the last 2 years. Disney has a scheduled its arrival for August 28, but we’re not sure if The New Mutants will be able to make that release date because theatres don’t seem to be reopening in the next month either. Anyway, this film might be the final time for its delay as Disney might just decide to take the hit and put the film on Disney+ anyway. We’ll see if that happens. But for now, you could watch the little new trailer of The New Mutants:

As the trailer states, The New Mutants will have a Comic Con @Home Panel on July 23. Let’s just hope that they don’t release any more trailers because the film is just 94 minutes long and we’ve already seen 4 trailers. What we do expect is for this panel is to bring the cast of the film and reveal other exclusive details. But for now, let’s focus on the new story details that we have got from the new trailer:

New Mutants Captive

Apparently, the kids in Josh Boone’s new film are being kept at the asylum against their will. At first, they might not think that. We know that these kids will have suffered in the past, which is why they had been brought to the facility that tries to make them better. So, the kids might start off thinking that they’re at the asylum for their own good. But as the trailer showed us, they’re going to realize the truth and band together to be able to break out of the facility and be free.

Cecilia Reyes has held the New Mutants

Alice Braga is portraying Cecilia Reyes in New Mutants. She is an X-Men in the comics. Initially, it seemed that she was there to do some good by helping the kids. But this new trailer shows us that she is the one who is holding the kids captive. There is a chance that Demon Bear could be manipulating her as well. Or this film could pull a twist & make her the villain. Let’s see what happens.

The Asylum

New Mutants Trailer Reveals Hidden Story

The trailer insinuates that the asylum makes its residents relive their fears as we heard the dialogue – “This Place… It Takes Your Greatest Fear, And Makes You Live Through It.” We’ll dive deep into the fears of every character shortly. The trailer also told us how the institution was actually designed to keep the New Mutants inside. Wolfsbane implies that the place isn’t all science, but it also involves Magic.

Now let’s get to the individual characters, their powers and their fears that were shown in this trailer.


A girl is not Arya Stark anymore. A girl is Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane. Her mutant abilities allow her to turn into a ferocious Wolf. In this film, she’s struggling with her religious beliefs. That’s why we saw Demon Bear using a church to trouble her. And he’s the one who is haunting her in this trailer as well.


Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things is playing Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball. His mutation allows him to fly at the speed of a jet. He does this by creating an impenetrable force field around him. It’s shown in the trailer, but it’s likely that he can only move fast & not fly. A fearful mining incident of his past keeps haunting him, even though it was the reason why he got his abilities in the books. Let’s see if that backstory is followed here as well.


New Mutants Trailer Reveals Hidden Story

Henry Zaga plays Roberto “Bobby” da Costa aka Sunspot. He has the ability to absorb & manipulate Solar Energy. It happens in the trailer as we see him go covered in flames. His fear (as shown in a couple trailers now) is some haggard being who tries to grope him in the pool. This being seems to be inspired by another ancient X-Men villain called Selene.


Blu Hunt plays Danielle “Dani” Moonstar aka Mirage. Her abilities are quite similar to Demon Bear as she can create illusions & wishes of people mentally. She also has a wide range of psionic & energy manipulation powers. We don’t see her using her powers, but we do see her being afraid of the faces coming out of the walls like in a classic horror movie. This scene was created using rubber walls.


New Mutants Trailer Reveals Hidden Story

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Illyana Rasputina aka Magik. In the books, she is the younger sister of Colossus. She has the ability to Teleport inter-dimensionally and we got to see that in the trailer as she opens a portal which shows us a realm called Limbo. We can see it in the above image as well. She can also use magic as the trailer very clearly implies. But the thing is, that each time she uses her magic, she creates an eldritch armor around her which changes her look. The harsher the fight, the more demonic she ends up looking.

We also see her using the Soulsword against the Smiley Man, who is apparently one of the demonic creatures that haunts her. As the name of the sword suggests, it is actually made out of her soul. We also see her using it on one of Cecelia Reyes’ force fields.

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