Justice League – Here’s What Superman Was Looking At After Being Reborn

Justice League did not do as well as Warner Bros expected. Fans were again divided by this movie as there were many who disliked the movie while the loyal DC fans stuck to their “DCEU is great” verdict. But Justice League was a step in the right direction and that is why many people who disliked the previous DC movies had a change of opinion upon this one. This did feel good but the critics’ verdict led DC to yet another failure.

Justice League was the shortest DCEU movie, as WB made it mandatory to release a 2 Hour Cut after Snyder departed from the project. The so-called “Snyder Cut” had at least 45 minutes of extra footage a lot of scenes that ended up being in the final cut were also different in what he shot. The alterations were made through extensive Reshoots ordered by Joss Whedon in order to make those scenes more fitting in the final cut of the film.

The Theatrical cut that we got to see did not have much character development for the three newcomers Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash. Their backstory was sacrificed for the build-up for Superman’s return. The entire movie was actually focused upon Superman even though he did not even have a lot of screen time. Superman is the biggest gun in the League, and while Batman along with Wonder Woman was bringing the enhanced individuals of Earth to be the last line of defense against the incoming threat, they were still short-handed because of a major power house not being in their team.

Batman felt that it was majorly his fault when Superman died, which is why he was pretty adamant to bring him back if there was a chance for that. He forced his hand upon everyone making them believe that the resurrection is possible even though Diana was against that. But Batsy brought in the big guns, and he was totally ready to sacrifice himself for Superman. The whole resurrection of Superman and the battle after it was surely the most memorable part of the movie, and the entire Marketing was also keeping that big resurrection a total secret. 

Right after Superman returned from the dead and jumped out of Zod’s ship, he was in a confused state and immediately headed to the monument that was dedicated to him after his death. We saw that he was moved looking at something but could not really figure out what it was. As Reddit user has figured out that Sups was actually looking at his family emblem which read “If you seek his monument look around you” as seen towards the end of Batman V Superman, Dawn of Justice, although a shot clarifying this was not included in Justice League.

Justice League Superman

Well, we may have gotten it in the Snyder Cut, but we should probably get over it by now. It is great to think that Snyder had big plans for Justice League 2 as well. He had some deep and intricate plotting, which set up the story for the future movies, and the biggest example of that was the Knightmare sequence we saw in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many fans actually did not understand what the whole significance of that scene was, and the scene where we saw the Flash coming back from the future was an even bigger mystery for us.

It hinted a mixed plot of Injustice and Justice League: War that Snyder had intended for Justice League 2. Seeing the big Omega sign on the ground, we always knew that Darkseid was coming to Earth somewhere down the line. Coming of Steppenwolf was to establish the welcome of Darkseid itself. But now, Snyder would not return, and we may never get another Justice League movie ever because the name is tainted! 

Hopefully,  Aquaman leads the DC Films Universe to glory once again. It comes out on December 21. It will be followed by a fun light-hearted adventure with Shazam! which will open on April 5, 2019. And then 2019 will end with the most anticipated DC movie for now, Wonder Woman: 1984 where Diana fights off against the Soviet Union during the Cold War days of 1984.

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