Why The MCU Cannot Kill Off Baron Zemo

The Falcon and The Winter soldier has a bunch of bad guys. But the real big bad is yet to be called out. People are ferociously thinking that it is the Power-broker. But with only two episodes left in the series, there have only been subtle hints to the mentioned villain. The Flag-Smashers, on the other side, are taking a beating from John Walker as he killed one of their teammates, Nico. The biggest reveal in the entire series was the welcoming of Baron Zemo. A maniac who is driven to see the world without superhumans.

Zemo, as seen in Captain America: Civil War is a grieving man. He seeks justice for the casualties caused by the Avengers in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He lost his family to the catastrophes caused by Earth’s mightiest heroes. Civil War shows the team dealing with the aftermath of the Sokovian capital’s devastation. Tony, on the other hand, is persuading the rest of the team to sign the Sokovia Accords as he is haunted by the death of the American guy who fell to his death.

Zemo framed Bucky for the death of Black Panther’s father. In all of reality, he is responsible for this action. But when T’Challah confronts him, even he reads the grief of Zemo. He mentions that the Avengers were able to pick up and go home after the event. But the rest of Sokovia was left to gather the remains of their sabotaged lives and country. Sadly enough, it took two days for him to find the bodies of his wife, son, and father.

Zemo is arguably the best dancer the MCU has. And he has been among the greatest of all MCU villains. I’d say that he is the most powerful non-powered villain. You might think that Thanos is the only villain who actually defeated the Avengers. But he wouldn’t have been the biggest bad guy if it wasn’t for Zemo. He was driven by his hatred for the Avengers. He made the Avengers empire crumble from within.

Before Zemo showed up, the Avengers had neutralized threats like Loki, Hydra, and Ultron. But then, they were defeated by Thanos simply because of Zemo. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers did not present a united front, which is why the Avengers lost. The ideals of Thanos live amongst people only because of Baron Zemo!! And now, he has been freed by the very man he framed during his crusade against the Avengers. What’s more is that he has also managed to escape from their clutches, thanks to the Dora Milaje. So, Zemo has truly won!

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier showed Zemo working with Sam and Bucky. Baron Zemo, played by Daniel Brühl, is a crucial part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The master manipulator made his debut in Captain America: Civil War. The last we saw Zemo, he had been turned over to the International Joint Counter Terrorist Centre by Black Panther, presumably remaining imprisoned throughout the Blip. Baron lost his life to the events in Avengers: Endgame. Hence, Zemo dedicated his life to ridding the world of metahumans/superheroes (including Hydra’s Winter Solider Program).

After Zemo turns the Avengers against each other, his attempt to take his life is hindered by T’Challa. He goes on to say, “The living are not done with you yet.” Technically, Sam and Bucky have a controversial history with Zemo. In the series, the fans seem to love Zemo now more than ever. They even prefer him over the new Captain America, i.e., John Walker. A character that is so established is not going to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe whatsoever.

Considering his history in the MCU, and his direct violent connections with many protagonists, it is clear that Zemo will lead further into the MCU even after The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. It would be fair to believe that Marvel still has a lot of narratives left for him to be explored. He is an intelligent villain, with a dark past. Now that he is back at the Raft, we can expect him to return in the upcoming Thunderbolts projects.

What do you think of Zemo’s future in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below! The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is currently streaming on Disney+. Here’s the official synopsis:

Following the events of “Avengers: Endgame,” Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) team up in a global adventure that tests their abilities—and their patience—in Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.”

Directed by Kari Skogland, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier stars Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, Daniel Brühl as Baron Helmut Zemo, Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter, Wyatt Russell as John Walker, Desmond Chiam, Miki Ishikawa, Noah Mills, and Carl Lumbly.

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