Thor Has Just Unleashed His Most Colossal Attack & We’re Losing It

Thor Unleashed His Most Colossal Attack:

Thor is one of our favorite heroes in the MCU & in the comics. There are only a few heroes that come remotely close to his strength. Yes, MCU creatives have stated that Captain Marvel & Scarlet Witch are the strongest, but I’d still like to argue that Thor is indeed the strongest Avenger. And besides, his powers are actually quite amazing, unique & magical. Mjolnir in itself is so complex that we could write a whole novel about it. Thor’s range of powers is why we love him so much. He actually lives up to his name of being a literal “God.” We’ve witnessed his real God level strength only a few times in the MCU, but the comic book pages are filled with the tales of his omnipotent power. But now, he has managed to surprise us once again with his most devastating attack.

Thor: Ragnarok Thor Gladiator

In the MCU, he has struck many of his opponents with direct thunder blasts. Apart from that, he really likes throwing his hammer to hit several targets one after the other. But his secret favorite attack is the ground breaking hammer strike that takes down multiple opponents at once. And we’ve seen it happen in every film (except Doctor Strange as he only made a cameo in it). There’s one attack of Thor that he hasn’t used in any other film after his first film. He summoned a tornado to take down The Destroyer in Thor 1. We’d like that attack to return in the MCU. But more than that, we’d like to see this new attack that Thor has unleashed in his latest story.

The following article contains spoilers for Thor #5

In the recent run of Thor, the Marvel Universe is facing a threat by the Black Winter, the cosmic force that eats Multiverses for Breakfast. It had already obliterated the multiverse that existed before our own, and now it is coming to destroy our multiverse as well. The Devourer of Worlds, Galactus thinks that he is the only one who can stop the Black Winter. And hence, he has chosen Thor as his new Herald in order to help him save everything that exists.

By the time we reach Thor #5, Galactus absorbs 5 key planets and has quenched his hunger of their life forces. Among these planets was one planet that wasn’t yet evacuated. So, he is quite furious at his master. But still, he doesn’t stop to fight Galactus for it because they’re already late. “Winter has come” and Thor joins the fight to stop it along with his master.

Even though Thor & Galactus are 2 of the most powerful beings in the Universe, their power is still not enough to stop the Black Winter as it has already destroyed the Multiverse once. As Thor & Galactus arrive to fight the wrecking force, they get trapped in its unholy maw. Being trapped, Thor gets to hear something that shakes him to his core. He hears the voice of the Black Winter in itself, and within it are the cries of a dying Universe. This makes Thor extremely angry. He is frightened by the dark fate of the multiverse and so, he retaliates.

Listening Black Winter’s voice motivates him to unleash an attack that no one has ever seen before. Thor becomes a beacon for the powers of all the old ancient gods who have passed and are currently angry at the Black Winter. He could only channel so much power being the All-Father of Asgard. And so, he unleashes the “God-Blast” upon the Black Winter. Such an attack has only occurred once. It was unleashed by Odin a millennia ago when he fought the God-Tempest. But Odin’s attack didn’t have as much force as Thor’s because when he dealt with that kind of force, the gods that had died were fewer in number. So, the strength in Odin’s attack was obviously lesser.

Regardless of Thor’s powerful attack, the Black Winter didn’t flinch! Thor & Galactus are still trapped in its maw. We’ll have to wait for the 6th issue to find out what happens next.

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