9 Worst Things That Scarlet Witch Has Done In The MCU

Wanda Maximoff made her debut in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Her character received more love and praise after WandaVision. The ensemble films have not focused much on her, mainly after she joined the Avengers. Although she did have her moments in those films. The MCU fans have enjoyed her complicated story and relationship with Vision. But it is a truth that Wanda’s actions are very complicated. She has done heroic things but also some awful ones at the same time. Here are the worst things that she has done in the MCU:

1. Enslaved the town of Westview


Wanda has made some wrong choices in MCU but the worst one was in WandaVision. The series justified her actions by showing that she was not aware of what she was doing. But later she came to know what she has done. She controls an entire town of people and they beg her to release them. But Wanda refuses to let them go for a long time.

2. The Accident in Lagos

Collateral damage can happen when Avengers and the villains are in action. But sometimes the fault might be of the Avengers. A good example of it is the conflict in Lagos where they hunt down Brock Rumlow as shown in Captain America: Civil War. Steve Rogers and Wanda Maximoff made some mistakes during this mission because of which innocent people lost their lives. Wanda tried to save Steve’s life in that situation but she was also responsible for the people who lost their lives in that building explosion.

3. Wanda’s treatment towards Monica Rambeau

A few MCU fans were not happy with how Monica Rambeau was treated in the show. It looked like Monica’s character was there just to prop up and excuse Wanda’s bad decisions. But Monica deserved more than that. Wanda violently lashed out at her when she threatened the messed up version of happily ever after that Wanda created.

4. It was justified that she was a good person

Another big problem with this may come down more to an issue with the writing than with Wanda as a character. But the Disney+ series tries to make it look like Wanda is still at her core a good person is a bit hard to accept. The show along with Wanda never acknowledges the fact that what she did maybe the most villainous thing in the MCU.

5. She at first worked with Ultron

Wanda and her brother Pietro were shown as villains in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Towards the end of the movie, Wanda joins the Avengers and Pietro is killed during the Battle of Sokovia. But whatever the reason, Wanda did work with Ultron. Ultron is surely power-hungry and dangerous and working with him looks like a lapse in good judgment. But when they learn that Ultron plans to destroy many innocent lives, Wanda and Pietro decide to fight against Ultron.

6. Lies about Westview to Vision

For casual viewers, WandaVision can be a bit confusing. Also, the actual MCU fans have various questions about what happened. Wanda used her powers to create Vision. But he wasn’t the Vision from before and looked to be his own entity. Vision’s sitcom version started to realize that things were not all good in paradise and Wanda kept trying to cover up the truth and lie to him.

7. Messed with Avengers’ minds

MCU fans were upset with the introduction of Wanda in Avengers: Age of Ultron since she was a different character as shown in the comics. But putting these choices aside, Wanda actually started her MCU journey as a villain. It can be easily seen why she hated Tony Stark. But messing with the Avengers’ minds did a lot of harm.

8. Kept Agatha a prisoner

MCU fans had an issue with WandaVision that the narrative looked like it excused Wanda’s actions but not Agatha’s. Agatha was definitely not a good person. But Wanda’s actions while taking over Westview were also bad. So, when Wanda decided to make Agatha live out the rest of her life as Agnes, it felt like Wanda had not actually learnt what she did wrong. It didn’t look like a just punishment.

9. Wanda has been a part of HYDRA

An issue that has been raised by MCU fans is how Wanda’s character was written to willingly choose to work with HYDRA. The pain that Wanda went through when she lost her parents was surely horrible. But it is strange to consider that she would willingly join HYDRA and continue to work with them. It’s hard to say why this happened since we never actually learn about how or why HYDRA found her and Pietro.

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