10 Most Dangerous Members of Hydra – Ranked

Most Dangerous Members of Hydra:

Hydra, the Evil Terrorist Organization that has always worked towards furthering the Nazi ideology in a world that considers its enemy number one, is one of the Avengers’ greatest threats. Over the years, the rate at which they have increased the amount of lethality they have achieved with more and more people joining their ranks is downright astounding. And some of the Hydra members are true heavy hitters and a threat to the entire world by themselves.

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 10. Baron Zemo

Helmut Zemo has only one objective in life – amass as much power as he can. To that end, he has created and taken part in elaborate schemes to overthrow the Avengers and take over the world step by step. Baron Zemo was the leader of the Masters of Evil. He also founded the Thunderbolts, the superhero team that was composed of former supervillains trying to fool the world into thinking that they were the good guys. Baron Zemo also has the distinction of having led a battle that is considered to be one of the greatest defeats the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have ever faced when he took over the Avengers Headquarters during the Under Siege story arc.

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 9. Crossbones

Captain Marvel Star Frank Grillo Ryan Reynolds The Hitman's Bodyguard Sequel

Brock Rumlow is a pure street-level warrior. Growing up on the streets made him really tough and battle-hardened. He soon joined Taskmaster’s school for mercenaries and became the topper of his batch. Arnim Zola hired him to guard his compound. When the Communist Red Skull invaded Zola’s lair, Rumlow was the only survivor. The real Red Skull was so impressed with Rumlow’s kill count that he hired him as his personal right-hand man and renamed him Crossbones. Crossbones has always been loyal to Hydra. Currently, he has joined hands with Sin, daughter of the Red Skull, who is trying to remake Hydra into something better and more efficient.

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 8. Madame Hydra

It was in 1965 that Hydra hired their first-ever female operative called Agent H, who was promoted to the Hydra Head Council on the same issue. Hydra has always been an organization that gives equal opportunities for men and women. For a fascist regime, that is saying something. Of the most infamous of Hydra’s female operatives, Madame Hydra tops the list.

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She killed another Hydra agent called Viper who was also known as Madam Hydra simply because she did not want two people to share the same alias. Madame Hydra is an extremely violent woman who has urges of aggression every now and then. She was once in a relationship with the Red Skull and Red Skull ended that relationship after he found her to be too unpredictable.

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 7. Kraken

The Kraken is a mantle that is passed down from one worthy predecessor to his or her successor. In Hydra lore, the mantle of the Kraken is given to the most gifted master manipulator in the ranks of the criminal organization. The most well-known person to take up the role of the Kraken was Daniel Whitehall.

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Daniel Whitehall was once a master spy and assassin working for the Great Wheel of Zodiac. He defected to Hydra and became one of their greatest leaders. Kraken is responsible for many of Hydra’s enemies losing their near and dear ones. Kraken’s job is to oversee Hydra’s long term interests. Whitehall was personally responsible for supervising and operating an enormous Hydra spy ring within Shield.

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 6. Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker is the link that connects Hydra to their Nazi roots. Once an ordinary German civilian, Von Strucker was one of the first to join the Nazi Party in 1933. He would later serve as the Nazi Commander and an enemy of the Howling Commandoes. After the fall of Hitler, he would retreat and refocus his energies on Hydra. It was Von Strucker that orchestrated the operation to take over Shield. When Nick Fury finally realized that Hydra had been controlling Shield since time immemorial, Von Strucker laughs it off and says that Nick Fury “heard the music only now while we have been dancing around for years”.

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 5. Gorgon

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Tomi Shishido was born an incredible genius. When he was just six years old, he had already composed his first award-winning opera. After he hit puberty, Shishido developed mutant powers. His ability allows him to petrify any person he locks eyes with. Gorgon is most associated with the founder of the Japanese Doomsday Cult called the Dawn of the White Light.

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Shishido is also one of the few members to be at the high table of both Hydra and the Hand. His most popular achievement came in the Enemy of the State storyline where he fought and defeated Wolverine and then captured the boy Wolverine was protecting, dismembered him, and fed him to the pigs.

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 4. Hive

A seemingly unknown Hydra agent was captured and then fed to alien parasites. The test subject was then made to go through Terrigenesis. The result was Hive – a monstrous entity that has the inhuman ability to control people after shooting out a projectile made out of his own body mass. The loyalty of the control subjects of Hive knows no bounds as they are willing to die for him. Hive him-self is extremely loyal to Hydra and has proved his mettle against the Avengers. Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker rewarded him for his allegiance to Hydra by giving him the same level of authority as Kraken and Madam Hydra.

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 3. Arnim Zola

Dark Avengers MCU

Arnim Zola is a skilled scientist who became obsessed with unlocking the secret to Eternal life. As a result, Zola experimented on several ways to achieve that impossible feat. The creations of Zola are slime-filled monsters that respond to his every command and mutant soldiers that can shapeshift to impersonate anyone. Zola him-self is no longer human but essentially a machine. He successfully transferred his consciousness to that of a computer hard drive and now lives forever as a machine. Arnim Zola is one of the greatest threats the Avengers have faced as he commands a rich portion of Hydra’s resources and has a lot of clout within the organization.

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 2. Hydra Cap

Avnegers Endgame Marvel

If you think Judas is the ultimate betrayer of trust, wait till you read about Hydra Cap. After Hydra used the Cosmic Cube to re-write reality, Captain America’s origin story was changed and he became a Hydra sleeper agent. We all remember the infamous Captain America’s “Hail Hydra” comment. Captain America became a figurehead for Hydra’s expansion all over the world. He personally led the bombings over Las Vegas to kill thousands of innocent lives. He even brutally murdered the Red Ghost and his Super Apes. He was the one that led the operation for a global manhunt for all the Inhumans and placing them in concentration camps for torture and experimentation.

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 1. Red Skull

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Johann Schmidt was the right-hand man of Adolf Hitler. After earning the Fuhrer’s trust, he was given the requisite resources needed to start Hydra. Red Skull is the epitome of hatred and evil in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. He has never wavered of his objective of Nazism and racial purity. Red Skull once had the world’s greatest concentration camp built in the Mutant Nation of Genosha in the Red Onslaught saga.

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Marvel Plans to Bring Back Red Skull in The MCU

He used a Cosmic Cube to do the unthinkable and turned Captain America into a Hydra agent. The Red Skull’s childhood history was explored in the comic book arc by Greg Park and Mirko Colak called “Incarnate”, which reveals Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull’s abusive and traumatic childhood. No wonder the small freckled kid turned out to be the bane of humanity.

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