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How The Incredibles Paid Homage to Batman that Most People Missed

Amongst the vast number of superhero movies we have seen over the years, the Batman movies have helped evolved the genre a lot. This has allowed for other projects based on comic books to take an interesting tone when it comes to adaptations. One of the most awesome projects that we got to see inspired by the superhero world was The Incredibles. It was a nice blend of the world of such super-powered characters with excellent use of animation. The movie actually took inspiration from a lot of projects and even gave a nod to some projects we have seen before. Fans might have missed how The Incredibles paid homage to Batman.

The Incredibles

Brad Bird’s brilliantly done The Incredibles is considered to be a love letter to the superhero genre. The movie managed to bring together a lot of interesting elements we might have seen in superhero movies over the years. With Marvel making multiple attempts at a Fantastic Four movie, The Incredibles is often dubbed as a much successful Fantastic Four movie. This is fairly obvious considering the movie took the idea of superpowers and heroes and took them on a whole interesting adventure that left us excited. While the movie might have paid homage to a lot of superhero projects, the movie’s score actually had a clever reference to Tim Burton’s Batman movies.


The Incredibles Paid Homage to Batman

Some might say that it is coincidental but we can be sure that Michael Giacchino intentionally made the move. Batman had one of the most iconic superhero themes from Danny Elfman. This is often considered to have an effect on the tone of the film and it perfectly fits the narrative of the caped crusader. But fans might be excited to hear that Giacchino managed to hide this theme inside The Incredibles‘ theme. Fans can hear this towards the end of the main melody right at the 34-second mark as it has a brief cue that clearly sounds like Batman‘s score. Even though it only lasts for 3-4 seconds, it is enough to satisfy the fans of both the genre and Batman.


The Incredibles Paid Homage to Batman

The score for Batman is considered to be right next to John Williams’ score for Superman. It would make absolute sense for Giacchino to have made this nod to Batman’s score considering the movie itself is a tribute to the genre. Batman is also considered amongst the best of the movies that we have gotten to see from the genre. This is not the first time he has done so considering the soundtrack for Spider-Man: No Way Home had such nods too. The movie saw the three Spider-Men coming together and this was also beautifully blended in the soundtrack with clear nods to the scores for both Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies. The Incredibles now further solidifies itself as a beautiful nod to the genre of superhero movies.

Hopefully, we will get another Incredibles movie in the future, maybe with a bit of a time jump this time.

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