Thor Deleted Scene: Loki Never Planned To Get The Throne

Thor was considered an okay introduction to the characters of Asgard. The worldbuilding of Asgard was a major improvement and it was dealt with in a very nice manner throughout the movie. The language and the way the characters behaved were an essential part and who else but Kenneth Branagh to bring these things to life. Kenneth Branagh is known for his cinematic interpretations of Shakespeare dramas. Even though Thor wasn’t able to do much benefit as a debut for a superhero it surely was able to establish the way the relationships worked out. These relationships had an essential role that impacted the MCU majorly. Let’s take a look at how a previously unseen Thor deleted scene shows that Loki never really thought he would rule Asgard.


Thor is majorly responsible for being the starters of some of the storylines that played out throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe and continues to do so. Even though Loki was the primary antagonist of the movie, we also get to see other dimensions of his characters. This has to be due to the most heartbreaking moment where we see Loki discover that he isn’t an Asgardian. The narrative then shows him going for the throne of Asgard and gets Thor banished. These plans fail to come to fruition as Thor returns and stops Loki from destroying Jotunheim, the land of the Frost Giants. Throughout the movie, we can say that Loki is a cunning trickster looking for any possible means to get power.


Loki’s Character

There are hints here and there about his character’s own struggle as he comes to major realizations. Discovering that he isn’t an Odinson and rather the son of the Frost Giant Leader, Laufey really does have an impact on him. Odin took him in as he was a baby and grew fond of him. He felt that Loki could be a chance for a possible union between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants in the near future. But this ends up making Loki now understand why Thor was also considered to be the favored son. He acts out on his anger and Odin isn’t able to bear the pain of this and falls into an unexpected Odinsleep.


Deleted Scene From Thor

A deleted scene from Thor might end up changing this narrative majorly. In this scene, we can see Loki conversing with his mother Frigga talking over Odin’s sleeping body. She tells him that she had always wanted Loki to know about the truth about his origin but Odin felt that this would make him feel different and he didn’t want that. Loki gets up after a while and is about to leave when he is stopped by some kneeling guards. He turns to his mother and she tells him that, “Thor is banished. The line of succession falls to you.” This means that Asgard is Loki’s until Odin wakes up from Odinsleep. As the information is passed to him we see him getting a grasp over the situation. He surely can’t believe the circumstances.


The deleted scene could be seen here (play at 7:12):


This is in major contrast to the arc of Loki as we know that Loki is looking for as much power as he can get in the movie. He realizes that Thor was the rightful successor and got rid of him so that he can get attention towards himself. We thought that Loki got Thor banished in order to get the throne for himself. But this deleted scene majorly affects this arc as now we realize that Loki was simply jealous of his brother. He wasn’t actually after power but more interested in getting the love from his family that he felt he deserved.


This scene allows us to get an insight into Loki and try to perceive his character but at the same time, it could have affected the future of the MCU. As a standalone movie, we can see this arc play out very well but as we progressed we could not see how this part of Loki could have been used in the future of the MCU. Loki is a rather complex character in the MCU and he sure makes us wonder about whether he is on the good side or the bad.


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