Falcon & Winter Soldier Theory: Sharon Carter is a Skrull

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has preserved the legacy of Captain America that was passed on to Sam by Steve in the final moments of Avengers: Endgame. In a series of events involving Sam’s indecisiveness and John Walker rocking Cap’s shield, we got to see other streams leading into a much intricate plot. The center of the plot was definitely there, but the elements surrounding it cannot be ignored. Let me take you to the most intriguing element of the show – Sharon Carter. Yes, the Power-Broker.

Sharon Carter has had a complicated history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She started off her journey in the MCU as a devoted Agent for SHIELD. We first saw her in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She was assigned to pose as a friendly neighbor to Steve Rogers for his protection. Then after SHIELD fell, she joined the CIA. But things quickly rammed up in Civil War. She was claimed as the enemy of the state for her actions. She stole Captain America’s shield from the U.S. Government for Steve. But in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, she finally got redeemed and received a full pardon by the government as promised by Sam. She also got her “old” position back. This either points towards SHIELD or perhaps the CIA.

But one particular theory that has been holding an unusual level of importance is that Sharon is in fact a Skrull! Well, we cannot rule out the growing presence of Skrulls in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They made their formal big-screen debut in Captain Marvel. A band of refugees led by Talos was saved from the Kree by Carol Danvers and Nick Fury. Fury, as usual, realizing the Skrulls’ unique ability to shapeshift, possibly recruited Talos and others into his SWORD organization.

Things have really started to become interesting as Talos and Soren were posing as Fury and Maria Hill throughout Spider-Man: Far From Home. Then, we saw another Skrull in WandaVision. as she approached Monica Rambeau in the final moments of the show. Even the Loki trailer has shown us the presence of a Skrull at the TVA base. To top it all of, there will be a show called Secret Invasion coming to Disney+ as well! Skrulls are an important part of the MCU now.

The reason for the theory is because Sharon grew to act really suspicious than she was last seen. Of course, living as a fugitive all those years and coming after 5 years because of the Blip, this change in personality could be understood. There are a lot of questions that leave us thinking if it is the actual Sharon that is the Power Broker or not. Sharon was snapped away by Thanos as we all got to know in the opening scenes of Avengers: Endgame. So how did the Power Broker even build his empire in Madripoor? The Falcon and The Winter Soldier leads directly into the events after 6 months from Endgame.

There is little to no possibility that Sharon, being a normal human, resurrected after 5 years, and built an empire for herself in Madripoor in only 6 months. Moreover, if she had established herself as the Power Broker before the snap, then coming to the unattended position for 5 years makes no sense either. The empire would have crumbled. All this only makes sense when Sharon is not the Agent we know, but a Skrull. Thanos’ snap gave the perfect opportunity to the Skrulls to infiltrate organizations and take some important positions of power on Earth. It is very likely that a Skrull could’ve taken Sharon’s face during the Blip, settled in Madripoor, and built the Power Broker’s criminal empire. It is also highly believable that the original Sharon was kidnapped after she was resurrected by Hulk’s snap.

It only makes sense if the Power Broker was active during the Blip. It was Dr. Nagel that made the super soldier serum again and was approached by the same after he came back to life. This means that the Power Broker already knew what to do. This is not possible if the original Sharon comes back to life, wins over Madripoor, gets the super soldier serum, and falls out with the Flag-Smashers – all within 6 months. All the hints prove that it is a Skrull posing to be Sharon Carter. Her appearance in the finale proves Sharon can slip into the U.S. without raising alarm. She also brought a nostalgic tech back into the light – the photostatic veil. If she could always wear this and come back to the States, why did she never meet her family?

One might also question that if she needed to use this tech in order to enter the country, then she might not be a Skrull. But, Skrulls are supposed to keep their real identity a secret. They cannot let people think or know about the reality at all. So, wearing a photostatic veil and removing it in front of Bucky allows her to maintain her Skrull cover. So, we could still imply the theory of Sharon being a Skrull in the MCU. It will all pan out in the Secret Invasion series.

The Power-Broker’s intentions are left unclear if it’s the human Sharon. Why would she want to continue down the old path when she has been given a full pardon? Hence, it would be fair to believe that it is the Skrull Sharon that has infiltrated and set up Secret Invasion perfectly. Step 1 of their grand invasion would be creating an empire and an elaborate plan during the Blip. The second could be using Sharon as a pawn, and having access to SHIELD/CIA’s advanced technology. Bringing Emily VanCamp back as the Skrull Sharon would rectify Marvel’s decision of not letting her have her moment after Civil War.

What do you think? Is Sharon really a Skrull? Let us know in the comments below!

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