Doctor Strange 2: 6 New Concept Arts Show Wong’s Deleted Scenes on Earth-838

Doctor Strange 2 went through a lot behind the scenes. First, the original director left, then the story got altered during the pandemic. Nightmare was supposed to be the original villain but then Wanda became one. Certain cameos got added and removed at the last minute. Mordo’s brutal death at the beginning of the movie was deleted. Ultimately, the movie ended up looking very different from what it was originally thought of. So, it is a miracle that this Multiversal of Mess turned out to be enjoyable. But apparently, some more material got cut out, which includes Wong’s Deleted Scenes on Earth-838.

We saw how Doctor Strange and America Chavez were tossed out into the multiverse in the final cut. After going through 20+ universes, they ended up on Earth-838. Meanwhile, Wanda and Wong traveled to Mount Wundagore to attain the Darkhold. So, the Sorcerer Supreme fought the Scarlet Witch and survived over there.


But we’ve got concept arts to show that there was an initial idea to send him to Earth-838 along with Strange and Chavez. Here, look at them walking:

Some more walking through these beautiful streets of an alternate New York City.


Wong’s deleted scenes

This particular shot would have looked stunning if it were made.

This is the moment where the trio would have landed on Earth-838.


Surprisingly, this shot does not include Wong. And the next one doesn’t either.

Well, all in all, it’s cool that Wong didn’t make the trip to the 838. I originally presumed that Wanda would manage to kill her halfway through the movie. But that didn’t happen either. And I’m grateful for some more Wong in the long term.


Strange did not become the Sorcerer Supreme in this film. Instead, we saw him accepting Wong as the leader and bowing down to him. This shows that he is ready for the title and might finally become the Double S in part 3. Sadly, that’s where Wong might also die.


What are your views on this concept art that shows Wong’s deleted scenes on earth-838? Let us know your answers in the comments below.

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