10 Secrets About Dark That Will Amaze You

Dark Facts:

Netflix gave a very satisfying ending to its popular German supernatural mystery show Dark. The first season of the show was released in 2017, and since then it has gained a lot of fandom from all parts of the world. Dark Season 3 is currently trending everywhere in the top 10 and there’s a reason for that. The show has a unique storytelling filled with an insane amount of mystery and drama. It’s easily one of the best mystery shows of all time. And now that the show is over, all we have left are the behind-the-scene secrets and dark facts that will blow your mind!

#1. The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet
Picture Credit: Netflix

When Noah removes his shirt, we see a tattoo on his back which resembles The Emerald Tablet. It is an ancient text, part of Hermetica (which is a collection of 2nd Century Greco-Egyptian “Wisdom Text”). The text describes several things and among them are transmutation, alchemy experiments, and the creation of the universe. Apart from these, it mainly talks about the idea that both large and small actions are connected and influence each other. This is also the main theme of the series. Some conspiracy theorists also believe that since the text it contains is much older than the language itself, so it might be from a different world or you can say it’s alien. While some even claim that it’s from a different time.

#2. The Game Played by Bartosz and Jonas

Game Played by Bartosz and Jonas
Picture Credit: Netflix

In Season 1 Episode 5, we see Jonas and Bartosz playing a game called the Surge by German developer Deck 13. But the sci-fi game never had a co-op mode in reality, and that was probably a special version provided for the show.

#3. 3 Worlds, 3 Aspect Ratios

dark 3 origin world
Picture Credit: Netflix

Many viewers got confused while watching the series as the jump among the 3 worlds was not that easy to understand instantly. But if you were noticing the aspect ratio, then it became quite easy to distinguish. For example, the third world or the origin world had the widest aspect ratio among all 3.

#4. The Mirroring Worlds

dark mirror worlds
Picture Credit: Netflix

This is something that most of the viewers realized. Martha’s world is mirroring Jonas’ world, and the house where she is living is a mirror image of Jonas’ house in the other world. Even Dopplers’ house is also mirroring in both worlds. We also see Eve’s (or Eva’s) minions have changing scars depending upon which world they’re coming from; in Martha’s world, they’ve scars on the right side of their lip while in Jonas’ world, they’ve scars on the left side.

#5. November 12 Significance

time travel dark
Picture Credit: Netflix

The ‘November 12’ date is not only crucial in the show but is also an important date in the Back to the Future film which is also about time travel. You can see it as the date when all time travel events happen.

#6. The Town of Winden

Picture Credit: Netflix

Winden is name of the town where the events in the show take place. The name of the town was inspired by Winden im Etzal, which is a real town in Emmendingen, Germany.

#7. Importance of H.G. Tannhaus

H.G. Tannhaus Dark
Picture Credit: Netflix

Have you heard about the famous novel “The Time Machine”? It was written by an English writer named H.G. Wells. The initials in the H.G. Tannhaus are an ode to the author. While Tannhaus is likely a reference to the Tannhauser Gate in the “Blade Runner” franchise.

#8. Ulrich’s Favourite Phrase

dark no future ulrich
Picture Credit: Netflix

‘No Future’ is the favorite phrase of Ulrich in 1986. And that turns out to be true for him since he has no future after spending 33 years in a mental facility.

#9. The Meaning of “Sic Mundus Creatus Est”

Sic Mundus Creatus Est dark
Picture Credit: Netflix

The literal translation of the phrase is “and the world was created like this”. Which could also mean ‘The Beginning”.

#10. The Telephone Errors

Dark Facts, Picture Credit: Netflix

This is a constant error throughout the series. Instead of the German “beeping” ring, we hear the typical American “warbling” ringing tone whenever any character uses a phone. Apart from this, when the speed-dialling is used, we hear the touch-tones in a rapid sequence which happens in America while phones in Germany don’t do this.

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