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Why Loki Started Crying When Miss Minutes Offered Him The Throne

Loki is one of the most famous characters from the MCU. He is a sinister villain with a taste for the absurd. He has done some abhorrent things in the comics and continues this tradition in the MCU. The Marvel multiverse has always been a strange place. However, the Loki series is probably the first time where the villain breaks into tears. I mean, he did cry at his numerous fake deaths but that was all acting. The season finale of Loki saw the villain breakdown because of an AI. This is a very strange phenomenon, but that is exactly what makes the show interesting. Now let’s look at why Loki started crying after Miss Minutes offered him something he desired for a millennium.

The Time Variance Authority is a very strange body of individuals. The season finale of Loki revealed that the organization is run by He Who Remains. He Who Remains is a scientist from the 31st century that discovered the multiverse along with his infinite selves. Loki and Sylvie break into the Time Citadel during the final episode to encounter this person. But they find Miss Minutes standing guard outside his gate. The Artificial Holographic Intelligence could never hope to stop Loki so Miss Minutes does the next best thing. She offers Loki a deal of a lifetime. She shows him the prime timeline. One where he rules Asgard as Odin and other versions where he has all he desires. This revelation is accompanied by the chance to rejoin the timeline.

Why Loki Started Crying

Miss Minutes would put Loki back in the timeline where The Time Variance Authority picked him up from. This would be a wish-fulfillment scenario for the God of Mischief. He could be all that he wanted to be. The revelation of the option is so sudden and unexpected that it moves Loki to tears. Viewers may be surprised to see such emotion bursting forth from the Trickster God. In reality, Loki is not crying out relief. He actually crying because of his unending anger and frustration with the Time Variance Authority.

Miss Minutes’ revelation makes Loki realize just how manipulative the Time Variance Authority is. He comes to the conclusion that everything in his life happened because the Time Variance Authority willed it so. Loki was a pawn in their scheme all along. They used the technology and power of the timeline to effectively make Loki their slave. This is very disturbing news to the God of Mischief. I think it is made worse by the fact that the nightmare could have ended at any point. But He Who Remains did not want it to end. That man wanted Loki to be something else than what he was. This is the realization that hurts Loki to his core.

Why Loki Started Crying

Loki is a brutal God, but his character development in the MCU has made him compassionate. All of that was taken away by the Time Variance Authority when they chose to kidnap Loki. They did this not out of concern for the timeline but to outsource their own work. It was like a living hell for the Trickster God but he did it out of desperation. Miss Minutes’ offer is harrowing because it gives him an option to end the nightmare. You see, he doesn’t want the nightmare to end. He has chosen his path. The path he has chosen is to go through the nightmare and come out stronger on the other side.

Sylvie and Loki pair up in the final episode to take down He Who Remains. While Miss Minutes’ plan to bribe Loki fails, He Who Remains had separate plans for the couple. Our Loki (from the show) has now consciously chosen to remain out of the timeline. He wishes to be part of something bigger than himself in his own way. Loki is going to go against Kang the conqueror soon. Phase 4 will be an explosive addition to the franchise.

Loki is now streaming on Disney+. In this article, we have tried our best to explain all the easter eggs and plot points in the season finale of the show. It seems to us that Miss Minutes is probably just as evil as He Who Remains himself. The ruthless proposal of the AI shook the mental fortitude of one of the most diabolical characters of the MCU. I would say one thing though, I would never want to be on the receiving end of Loki’s anger. Even if I were an all-powerful being, I would still think twice about crossing the God of Mischief. Miss Minutes is surely brave if nothing else.

So this is Why Loki started crying. What did you think about Loki bursting into tears throughout this series? Let us know in the comments.

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