10 Wolverine Stories That MCU Should Use For Film Adaptations

The X-Men movies have had quite a history with their live-action adaptation under the 20th Century Fox productions house. Those projects have had quite an up-down trajectory over the years in terms of the response from the fans and the critics. With the recent news about the X-Men having an interpretation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have their own demands for this interpretation. There is no idea when we might actually see these plans come to fruition. But fans do hope that Marvel does actually work out another interpretation of Wolverine after Hugh Jackman’s beloved run as the character in the X-Men films. This would require a great story for the character to be brought into the vast world of MCU. Here are a few Wolverine stories that MCU should use from the comics.

1. Wolverine Origins

We had already gotten a Wolverine origin storyline and it was rather terrible and poorly handled considering the number of interesting things it could have invoked. The Origin comics follow a six-part saga based around the 1880s, the period around which he actually gained his powers. The narrative is pretty straightforward following a young kid on the run trying to have a normal life on the run. He tries to make sure people don’t find his powers and he is able to have enough time to understand them by himself. If MCU actually takes a dig on this story then we can be sure that this movie would definitely not be as terrible as X-Men: Origins Wolverine.


2. Tracking Other Weapons

Tracking down other weapons like him has been traced as a major storyline that often shows up in various arcs of his in the comics. It goes in his principle considering he is also an experiment himself. We could see this story being explored in the MCU considering there have been various circumstances where we saw experiments being mentioned. The first of these experiments was Captain America himself.


3.  A Bad Wolverine

Saying Wolverine is bad is an understatement considering the character is the ultimate mix of some of the terrible and daunting storylines that we have witnessed so far. MCU could introduce this character directly as a villain and then later work on establishing him as a hero. This was explored in the 2001 reboot, Ultimate X-Men. The narrative followed Wolverine working under Magneto and then being tasked to infiltrate Xavier’s team.


4. Nuke

Wolverine Stories That MCU Should Use

Wolverine is quite an aggressive character but it is easy for us to understand him because we know that the character has more depth than we can realize. Adapting the Project: Homegrown storyline can help us see a more interesting character of Wolverine. This is a storyline that shows us Wolverine’s most terrible works, Nuke coming back as a consequence to him. He actually confesses his errors and tries to redeem himself.


5. Daken

What if Wolverine is brought in as the father narrative that we have witnessed in the comic books with Daken’s narrative. The storyline begins in Japan during the 1940s as Wolverine’s pregnant wife is murdered. Wolverine isn’t able to find out what happened to his son and it’s only later that we find out that his son also has his healing factors and has managed to survive. The character is not only Wolverine’s son but has more essential factors that are part of his narrative.


6. X-Force

Kevin Feige has said that he is ready to see some R-Rated MCU films and X-Force is the perfect choice to explore this style with Wolverine being introduced to the MCU. Deadpool 2 gave us a hint of what this team is and how it could be brought in for a live-action adaptation. The team was originally created by Cyclops and Wolverine was made their leader. They were a much more violent rendition of the X-Men.


7. Madripoor

Madripoor is an essential storyline in the arc of Wolverine’s character that was mostly based on his detective skills. He is able to use his superhuman smell to tell if a murderer is nearby or if someone is sneaking upon him. This could actually be dealt very well in an MCU film where he is obligated to be unable to use his powers and stick to relying on his other skills.


8. Alpha Flight

Wolverine Stories That MCU Should Use

After losing his memories during Weapon X, Logan fled the facilities in a panic. He was tendered down by the Hudsons who nursed him back to health and tried to bring back his humanity. The Hudson realizes that he is a mutant and assigns him to the Alpha Flight. This narrative or the team could be introduced to the MCU. It was even hinted at in Deadpool 2 and Agents of SHIELD but there is no live-action interpretation yet.


9. X-23

We were introduced to Laura Kinney aka X-23 in the 2017 film Logan. This character was able to establish herself as a significant mutant even though she shared the screen with Wolverine. That only goes to show the impact this character can have when brought in using her own narrative like the comics. MCU could adapt The Four Sisters storyline, which had a pharmaceutical giant, Alchemax creating clones of her. Some of these clones escape and join hands with X-23 to fight against the conglomerate.


10. Wolverine Vs Hulk

Hulk has already established himself as quite an interesting character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When placed opposite Wolverine we can clearly see a battle where there are not many strong results right away considering both the characters are well known for their healing factors. On the other hand, we could actually see both the characters join hands and form Weapon H which is basically Hulk’s super strength but the healing factor and an adamantium skeleton like that of Wolverine.


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