12 Incredible Facts About Scarlet Witch We Bet Marvel is Definitely Hiding From You

Scarlet Witch is one of the strongest Avengers in the Marvel Universe. Her powers, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, are derived from exposure to an Infinity Stone and grant her the ability to bend reality itself. She has been recently featured in detail in the MCU, showing off the girth of her powers and using them to her maximum potential. She is a wild card and a force to be reckoned with. Played by the beautiful Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlet Witch has become a household phenomenon. And yet there are things about her you might have never known if not for us. Presenting – 12 Incredible Facts about Scarlet Witch we bet Marvel is definitely hiding from you!!!

 12. Her father is Magneto

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

Scarlet Witch was born to a woman called Magda. She and her twin brother Quicksilver were born in the Wundagore Mountain. And their father is none other than the master of Magnetism and Mutant Super-Villain Magneto, enemy number one of the X-Men. Comic book origins of Scarlet Witch have changed over the years but if you are a hardcore comic book nerd or just a guy who is interested to know more about their superheroes, this is quite the detail you would not want to miss. 

 11. She destroyed the Avengers

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

It is now common knowledge that Scarlet Witch’s powers are pretty dangerous if used in the wrong way. Since they can bend the fabric of reality, she needs to be careful and meticulous when it comes to using her abilities. In Brian Michael Bendis took over Marvel Comics, he re-wrote her character arc and turned her into a super-villain. She would be the reason that would lead to several Avengers’ dying, missing or so emotionally scarred that they would never become superheroes again. The storyline is aptly titled – Avengers: Disassembled.

 10. She actually knows Magic

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

Doctor Strange is not the only person with the power to tap into mystical energies. Scarlet Witch’s Hex powers are pretty much the same thing too. And unlike Strange, she was born with it so it took little effort for her to master it. Scarlet Witch was imbued with magic by the demon Chthon when she was born in Mount Wundagore. She would later train under Agatha Harkness to hone her magical abilities and become a true Witch.

 9. She started off as a Villain

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

Scarlet Witch is a superhero. Right? Wrong!! Dig back into her past and you will know her true roots. Scarlet Witch was first introduced in X-Men #4 and she was a prominent member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, sworn enemies of the X-Men. She was not even that scarlet looking as well and wore a green costume. Scarlet Witch and her brother would quit the brotherhood and join the X-Men after realizing the wrongs they have done as members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

 8. She is a mutant

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

As one of the only few Avengers with a mutant X-Gene, Scarlet Witch is only from a handful of mutants that have managed to become a part of Avengers, the prestigious force of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Although she is replete with magic, Scarlet Witch’s mutant X-Gene is the one that gives her the core ability to control reality. The magic just augments that.

 7. She was created by some of the greatest comic book artists

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

As we know, Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff first debuted in the Marvel Comic Universe in X-Men #4 alongside the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Although unlike most of the Brotherhood members, Scarlet Witch was the result of a combined effort of both Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, two of the greatest comic book artists in human history. This means Scarlet Witch enjoys the same stature as Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and the X-Men.

 6. She was part of Captain America’s Kooky Quartet

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

The Avengers were once forced to leave the team. After the entire team exited and stopped calling themselves as members of the Avengers, Captain America – the sole Avenger left, recruited three reformed super-villains as part of Cap’s Kooky Quartet. The team included Captain America as the leader, Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver joined later and the last to join was Hawkeye. The team grew in size as more and more heroes joined the list of members for the Kooky Quartet team.

 5. She was in the Evil Dead universe!!

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

In Marvel Comics, there exists a universe where the whole world has been turned upside down after a zombie virus outbreak has turned the human population into flesh-eaters. When Ash from the Evil Dead Universe travels to this dimension as part of the Marvel Zombies/ Army of Darkness Crossover series, Scarlet Witch unwittingly ends up helping Ash recover the Necronomicon from falling into the zombie superheroes’ hands. She is later turned into a zombie herself after the Zombie punisher captures her and eats her alive.

 4. She was romantically involved with her own twin brother

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

It sounds really gross, we know. But it has actually happened. In Marvel Comics’ Ultimates Universe, the general storyline is completely different. The Hulk is insane, Thor is a political writer and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, twin brother and sister, are a couple. We thought only the Lannisters did this?!?! Never would have imagined the Maximoffs would share the same bed they were born in as well.

 3. She led the Mutant race into near extinction

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

After the Avengers Disassembled arc showed Scarlet Witch had become emotionally vulnerable and was being misused by external forces for her powers, the Avengers tried to discuss what to do with Wanda. Some said that in order to stop from another such event from happening, they should consider killing her. Quicksilver, angry at the proceedings, tried to manipulate Wanda into changing reality, making a world where mutants and not humans were the dominant race. After Wanda realized what she had done, she uttered “No More Mutants”, reverting back things to normal but with the added side effect of depowering almost 90 percent of the mutant population, who were then hunted down en masse by humans.

 2. She stole the soul of the devil to give birth to twins

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

Since Vision is essentially a robot and cannot reproduce, Scarlet Witch could never have a child. So she decided to use the next best thing. She used her magic to steal the life essence of the Demon Lord Mephisto and give birth to twins. The King of Hell soon came to collect his stolen life essence. As he re-absorbed them the twins died a gruesome, slow death. Scarlet Witch could not take in the emotional aftermath of the death of her own children and continues to suffer from a delicate mental state to this date.

 1. She was literally raised by a cow

Facts About Scarlet Witch Marvel

Magda, the wife of Magneto, was pregnant at the time she decided to make a run for it to the Wundagore Mountains. She was trying to escape Magneto, who intended to use her unborn children as weapons in his crusade against the Human Race. At the Wundagore Mountain, the High Evolutionary – a scientist obsessed with accelerating human evolution and creating the perfect specimen, took her in. His Ani-Men were animal-human hybrids that acted as foot soldiers, workers and care-takers. Bova was a Cow Lady that cared for Magda and acted as a midwife, taking care of the twins until they were adopted by the Maximoffs and went on to become Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

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