10 Chilling Facts About Child’s Play (2019)

If you are a die-hard Chucky fan who loved the old concept blindly, then this movie may not be for you. Child’s Play (2019) is a reboot of the popular movie by the same name released in 1988. This movie would work best for you if watch as its own thing and not a child’s play remake.

The Child’s Play franchise is very big with 7 movies under its belt and no one thought it needed another one. So, to create something new the film makers came out with a new concept for Chucky. They made Chucky a doll with Artificial Intelligence that actually does want to be Andy’s friend but is deeply broken on the inside.

If you dive into the movie with a fresh mind and no prior notions, Child’s Play (2019) is a pretty good slasher movie and here are 10 things that would make you like it even more. (There are some minor spoilers ahead).

 1: Toys Story 5

Child's Play 2019

Child’s Play was released on the same day as the newest movie in the Toy Story franchise, Toy Story 4, another film about living toys owned by a boy named Andy. There must be fans who would have wondered why is Woody killing people.

#2: Han Solo

Child's Play 2019There are instances in the movie where Andy decides to call Chucky Han Solo. This is a direct reference to Mark Hamill who plays Chucky in this movie. Mark Hamill turned out to be a very good choice for the movie as his voice added more weight to the psychopathic serial killer. We wonder if we have been in a similar situation before or not.

#3: Dissatisfaction among Original Creators

Child's Play 2019

Don Mancini, the creator of characters and series in was not at all interested in the movie, along with Alex Vincent, Christine Elise and Jennifer Tilly. They decided to not associate with this movie and instead decided to a separate limited series to continue the story line there.

#4: Copyright Issues

Child's Play 2019

The creators of this movie could not resemble any of the deaths from any of the sequels too closely because of Universal Studios, who still has all the rights to each and every Child’s play sequel including the Chucky films that dropped the original title, did not let them.

#5: Artificial Intelligence

Child's Play 2019

The creators tweaked the origins of Chucky in the movie. They made Chucky a doll that has Artificial Intelligence, Also, Chucky is so technologically advanced that his AI is programmed to have no limitations to learning or violence. In short, we are not going to buy AI dolls in the future.

#6: Body Count

Child's Play 2019

The total body count in this movie is 8 which also include the Chucky Buddi doll and Barclay cat Mickey Rooney. That is correct, dolls have feeling too.

#7: Robocop Reference

Child's Play 2019

During the movie, at one point a toy police car is activated and it states the line, “dead or alive, you are coming with me.” This is an obvious reference to Robocop who uses the same phrase in his movies. Both the movies were released by Orion Pictures, that is why they incorporated this line in the movie.

#8: Creative Character Changes

Child's Play 2019

In the original Child’s play movie, the character of Andy is a six-year-old kid whereas in this movie he is considerably older, in his teens. In this movie Andy also has a hearing handicap in the form of a hearing retainer which was not present in the original movie.

#9: Aubrey Plaza’s Inspiration

Child's Play 2019

In this movie Aubrey Plaza plays the role of a young mother, for the first time. She could relate to the role personally because she herself had a young mother growing up. The age difference with her son in this movie is similar to her age difference with her actual mother.

#10: The Joker VS Chucky

Child's Play 2019

Mark Hamill is the best thing that happened to the DC Animated Universe as the voice of Joker, coincidently Brad Dourif, the original voice of Chucky was considered for the part of Joker in Batman (1989) but Warner Bros. ultimately decided against him.

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