How Doctor Strange Got A Third Eye In The Multiverse Of Madness Trailer?

Each day as the release date for Marvel Cinematic Universe comes closer we get to discover something new about the movie. The upcoming feature is definitely going to be one of the wildest entries in the entire franchise. There are a lot of theories regarding the movie and with each detail, regarding the project, there is a lot more that is coming to the forefront. The latest teaser from the movie has given us some rather obscure moments that will surely make for absolutely surprising moments in the movie. Let’s take a look at how Doctor Strange got a third eye in the upcoming MCU movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange 2 will explore a crazier side of the multiverse that we have already gotten to witness. We experienced the effects of the multiverse with the past few projects in the phase but the most awesome was definitely in No Way Home. The movie saw three different renditions of Spider-Man coming together and giving the greatest fan moment for three generations of Spider-Man fans. But this was only a teaser of what was yet to come considering Multiverse of Madness will take the concept and go in an absolutely crazy direction. The latest teaser offered a deeper look into what we will get to see in the movie.


We got a chance to witness what might be the motivating factor behind Scarlet Witch going against Strange. At the same time, we can be sure that she will team up with the heroes later in the movie in order to fight a common enemy. But she does still get visions of her twin children who were a part of her creation during the events of WandaVision. A chance to reunite with them across the multiverse might be the reason she goes against Strange. But she won’t be the only trouble in Strange’s path as the latest teaser also featured Sinister Strange duelling with MCU’s Doctor Strange with an extra eye on his forehead.


Sinister Strange’s Third Eye

How Doctor Strange got a third eye

This is probably the first time that we have gotten to see Strange or his variant with a third eye. But fans might be able to identify this since it is none other than the Eye of Agamotto. In the comics, the sorcerer supreme holds the Eye of Agamotto as a talisman, a role that was once of Agamotto himself. This eye is used to find and show “truth” and it also has an “all-revealing light” that helps in playing back recent events. There have been cases where Baron Mordo and Loki also wore the eye. The idea that this is the Eye of Agamotto actually answers some big questions regarding Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


What Does This Third Eye Mean?

The very first thing that the third eye is indicative of is the fact that the artefact is back. Doctor Strange was the first time we got to see the Eye of Agamotto and ever since then it was used as the containment device for the Time Stone. It was actually crushed by Thanos during the events of Infinity War but we can be sure it was reconstructed after that because we got to see Strange wielding it in No Way Home. The fact that the latest entry will feature Sinister Strange using the third eye means that the artefact has a lot more purpose than containing an Infinity Stone.


There are various powers that come with the person who wields the Eye of Agamotto other than granting a chance to be wielded while being in the Astral form. The user can see through disguises and easily identify between a Skrull and a normal human being. It also allows Strange to probe minds and allows one to transport a large number of beings to a completely different point in the universe. Strange can even allow anyone else to wield the third eye as per his command. We will get to see more of this third eye when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness releases in theatres worldwide on May 6.


After knowing how Doctor Strange got a third eye MCU fans have gotten more crazy for the upcoming movie, are you excited too? tell us in the comments.

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