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Justice League Comes To Rescue of Batman and Bat Family Against Bane

Batman has had a rather interesting collection of villains that he had to face over the years. The character always has Joker who has always been and continues to be one of the major impacts in the narrative of Batman. There are a lot of other villains that we have seen over the years who have played interesting roles opposite the caped crusader. We have even gotten to see some new villains come in and give us some of the most exciting things we can explore in terms of the Batman arc. This character has got some of the most grounded villains that give it a bit darker touch to the narrative. Amongst these villains, one has always had a rather daunting history with the caped crusader, Bane. One of the narratives from DC comics actually saw Bane planning to kill Batman and Bat-Family, and he had to be stopped by the Justice League.

Secret Six

This is actually a group of villains that was formed somewhat similar to the Suicide Squad, except their motives could be very different. The group of six would actually deal with any threat as long as the pay was high enough regardless of the morality of the mission. This has often led them to actually deal with some interesting darker forces. Not only that, but the characters even had to take over their own impulses to prevent some drastic things to happen. Often there have been times that Bane had some leadership to the group and this actually led to some of the strongest narratives.


Bane Gets Stopped By The Justice League

Bane has had a rather interesting narrative with Batman where we saw Batman’s being broken by the former numerous times. But one of the times things actually went so wrong that the heroes had to step in to prevent a major event. Bane actually decide to undergo a plan that could have some rather grave impact on the Batman family in the DC Universe. The plan was devious enough that it required almost every hero from the DC to show up and prevent it from going through.


Batman and Bat Family

The Secret Six narrative actually saw there was a transformation in the character of Bane. He actually wanted to make some rather interesting changes in order to prevent himself from being the poisonous villain consuming that he was known for being. Bane actually showed sufficient impact to end up leading the group quite early after joining the Secret Six. But things took a major turn when he realizes that whatever he does, he is supposed to end up in Hell anyway. This led to him thinking about getting involved in an effort to tear down Batman and his allies.


In the very final arc of Secret Six, Caution to the Wind by Gail Simone, J. Calafiore, John Kalisz, and Travis Lanham, Bane decided to accept his fate. He realizes that the multiple attacks he has made on the life of Batman, the hero continues to live. The caped crusader was only physically broken and yet he would have his people around him which would end up bringing him to his health. As he decides to make a plan to make an attack of Batman’s family the plan is botched when the Justice League discovers their hideout and they end up surrounding the villains.


Batman and Bat Family

It was actually Penguin who had acted as a mole and let their plans out to the heroes. This actually leads to a rather bad ending for the team of six as Batman and Superman are finally able to bring them down. The team of six had quite a reputation and this was actually evident from the fact that later in the narrative, the Justice League leaves no chance in nabbing the villains. While Batman doesn’t end up getting affected due to the plans of the Bane, it does prove the threat that he is in the DC narrative.


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