10 Cool Things You Must Know About Toy Story 4

Cool Things About Toy Story 4:

Some of us were not even born when the first installment of the Toy Story franchise premiered in 1995. It is a movie we all cherish with the bottom of our hearts as it made our childhood awesome. We all had toys growing up and after watching this movie we all wanted our Batman figurine to come alive.

This epic saga finally came to an end this year, wrapping things up perfectly and leaving all of us emotional as we finally say goodbye to our favorite toy heroes. After the third movie, no one thought the story could be progressed any further, but this movie exceeded all expectations as it stands toe-to-toe with the rest of them.

As you have finally said goodbye to the franchise, here are 10 cool things about Toy Story 4, which would help you remember those lovable characters.

#1: Farewell

Toy story 3

Woody, at the end of Toy Story 3 (2010) bids farewell to Andy by saying, “So long, partner”, whereas in Toy Story 4, Woody bids farewell to Buzz, hence, saying goodbye to another partner he has had since the very start of his journey.

#2: Screenplay ProblemsToy Story 4

Annie Potts, the popular actress who voiced Bo Peep in the franchise, said that about 75% of the original screenplay was thrown away and all of it had to be rewritten, due to the exit of the original screenwriters, Rashida Jones and Will McCormack from the production. This was one of the main reasons why the release of the movie was pushed back.

 #3: 11 minutes

Toy Story 4

Toy Story is an hour and 21 minutes long, Toy Story 2 is an hour and 32 minutes and Toy Story 3 is an hour and 43 minutes long. Did you notice something? Each successive film is 11 minutes longer than its predecessor. However, Toy Story 4 breaks this pattern as it only an hour and 40 minutes long.

#4: Avengers, Assemble!

Toy story 4

You can see Captain America’s shield inside the closet of Bonnie, behind Woody when he is flipping through cards to pass time. There is also an Iron-Man reference, as a book-bag, visible in the kindergarten classroom has Iron-man drawn on it. Considering, Disney owns both the franchises, it was inevitable.

#5: Cursed Arms

Toy Story 4

There have been three instances where the main character has lost an arm. The first time, Buzz lost an arm when he attempted to fly out the window of Sid’s window. In the second movie, Woody lost an arm due to a tear in his arm which he got in Al’s apartment and finally, in this movie, Bo loses an arm, although she simply reattaches it.

#6: Green Army Men

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 is the only movie in the entire franchise that does not feature or mentions the Green Army Men at all. It would have been awesome to see them again after all these years.

#7: John Wick Toy

Toy Story 4

This is the first Disney movie of Keanu Reeves and also his first G-rated movie. As we all know Disney is trying their best to get Keanu into the Marvel Cinematic universe for a long time now, but fate had different plans as he made his Disney debut from this movie, which is not at all bad in any way, as this movie is awesome.

#8: Ventriloquist Woody

Toy Story 4

In the early drafts of the Toy Story, Woody was written as a Ventriloquist dummy, but this idea was abandoned in favour of a pull-string Cowboy doll, and rightfully so. However, this concept was revived in this movie as some ventriloquist dummy characters do feature in this movie.

#9: Saturday Night Bill

Toy Story 4

Not many of the fans know about this, the carnival booth worker is voiced by none other than the incredibly funny actor Bill Hader. Keep this in your mind the next time you watch this movie.

#10: Homage to the legendary Don Rickles

Toy Story 4

Don Rickles passed away before he was able to record his part of Mr. Potato Head. So, to honour him, the studio used the old recordings of Don Rickles from the previous three films, video games, theme parks and were finally able to craft his character in the movie.

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