Doctor Strange 2 Hints The Villain Of Blade Movie

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a complete package. It had some light humor, tragic scenes, and badass action sequences. Doctor Strange 2 had some romantic scenes where we could see the chemistry between Strange and Dr. Palmer. It made us nostalgic for the cameos from our beloved characters. And sometimes, it even felt like this movie was fan service, with John Krasinski appearing as Mr. Fantastic. But more than that, this movie just set up the entire Kang Dynasty in just 126 minutes. But we are here to talk about Mahershala Ali’s Blade because we think that Marvel just hinted at the villain of Blade movie!


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness came out a week ago and has already crossed the $500 M mark. The movie may have received some mixed reviews, but so far, fans are loving it. MCU finally featured the long-awaited Scarlet Witch in her beast mode and wreak havoc not just in the MCU, but the multiverse. But at its heart, it still remained a Doctor Strange movie where we see him break more laws than he ever did. We finally saw the inevitable, Strange using the Darkhold! All in all, this movie was a non-stop magical ride. Not only that, it brought together the past and teased the future. Not many movies are able to do that.


This movie brought a lot of old characters back and promised to bring a lot back. They may not necessarily be a part of the MCU, but as long as they are Marvel property, they are coming into the MCU! And so is Blade! Ever since Mahershala Ali’s casting as the titular character, fans are waiting to hear more about the movie. We already got a voice-cameo of his in Eternals but we had been waiting for more. And we think Doctor Strange 2 had a clever Blade easter egg that gives us an idea of its villain.



‘Blade’ has been one of the most popular Marvel characters since the ’90s. And it peaked when Wesley Snipes took over the character. He is a half-human, half-vampire being that experiences a blood lust but is able to walk in the sun. And Mahershala Ali is all ready to take over the character in the MCU! And Marvel may have already teased his first villain. However, if they do feature this villain, we don’t know what they will have in store for us.


The villain of Blade movie

Doctor Strange 2 finally featured the mythic Book of Vishanti. The book, written by the Vishanti trio, Agamotto, Hoggoth, and Oshtur, contains spells that promote life and peace. so, in a sense, it is the exact counterpart of the Darkhold, the book of the Damned, written by the Elder God, Chthon. And as it turns out, the first owner of the Book of Vishanti was a devotee of Chthon, the author of the Darkhold spells. And this owner was none other than Varnae, the first vampire. In the comic lore, it was Varnae who first used the Darkhold and became a bloodthirsty monster. He then went on to infect multiple humans, later to be called the vampires.


‘Blade’ is primarily known for his obsession with hunting vampires, which makes sense, considering his mom was killed by one. So, it will be interesting to see him rise through the ranks of vampires when he finally slays the first of them, Varnae. They may start teasing the monster, but it may not be the best idea if they decide to feature him in the very first movie. As for Varnae, wouldn’t it be better if Blade goes against him with Doctor Strange because then, Blade actually might have the upper hand? Plus, we might see Strange recognizing Varnae using a spell from the book of Vishanti. That would be so interesting!


Who else can you think can be the villain of Blade movie? Let us know your answers down in the comments.

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