5 Heart Wrenching Deaths of Game of Thrones You Won’t See Coming

Game of Thrones season 7 is almost here and fans have already started speculating the ways in which things will happen and the characters that might die next in the upcoming season. Here’s a list of most likely characters who could die in this season.


Best Quotes of Little Finger

It is said that Littlefinger will die this season, It would be Sansa Stark who will give the order which then her younger sister Arya will carry out. This would be one of the most poetic deaths of the season just like Ramsay’s in season six.

Benjen Stark

Benjen Stark who already is turned half into a white is now alone north of the wall surrounded by the army of the dead, and it’s just about the time that they get to him. He was earlier too attacked by the army of the dead but was then saved by the children of the forest, who then pierced his skin with dragon glass.

Euron Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy

Euron though has been introduced late but is a really powerful character in the show as of now. He’ll surely do some damage to Dany’s army and would ally with Cersei Lannister, but would, in the end, be killed, most probably by his nephew, Theon Greyjoy.


It is said that Greyworm could die this season, as he would be playing a major part of the biggest battle of the season. Also, pictures show Greyworm wearing a circular pin on his chest, which later Missandei can be seen wearing as a remembrance of Greyworm is proof enough stating that he is no longer alive.

Dolores Ed (The Lord Commander of the Nightswatch)

Game of Thrones

With the Night’s King and all the white walkers marching down, south the wall Castle Black would be the first place they’d cross, and whoever they cross, they kill and make them a part of the army of the dead. Because of which we can say that Ed along with all his brothers won’t make it alive out of the long night.

That won’t be the saddest part though, later Jon would fight the army of the dead and it would be him who finally kills Ed, who has turned into a white. This undoubtedly would be one of the most heart-wrenching deaths of the Game of Thrones season 7.

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