Zack Snyder Reveals that [Spoiler] Sent Flash Back in Time in Batman V Superman

Zack Snyder’s narrative story arc would’ve spanned through 5 films. It would’ve covered a bunch of comic book storylines. One of those would’ve been a set up for the Flashpoint event. In fact, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had already shown us a time travel sequence. And Snyder’s cut of Justice League would’ve had its own time travel sequence.

By now, everyone knows that the Snydercut is totally different from what we got in the Justice League. You can see the Flash travelling back in time here. That’s because originally, Steppenwolf had beaten the Justice League and Flash was running back in time to allow his friends another chance at beating Steppenwolf. This sequence right was going to lead to the sequence we saw in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Snyder talked about the Knightmare sequence on his live commentary at the BvS watch party that he hosted recently. He said:

“I guess it’s boring for him [Bruce] waiting for it to decrypt so he fell asleep, maybe or I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a by-product of Flash cracking on the cosmic treadmill or whether it creates some sort of rift where it allows Batman to see into the future. It could be a combo of those things.”

Zack Snyder Reveals Flash Back in Time in Batman V Superman

Further discussing Flash’s Time Travel, Snyder revealed that there was an alternate time travel plan for The Flash. Along with going to warn Bruce in Batman V Superman, he would’ve gone to Cyborg as well. Here’s what Snyder had to say:

“I had this idea that in the future when [the Justice League] are talking about sending Flash back to warn [Bruce Wayne], that Cyborg would be doing the calculations to send him back and would say ‘I have two possibilities of where to send Flash back in time. The numbers point to two moments to warn you [Bruce].’”

Justice League Darkseid

This is because the warning to Bruce would not have worked. It would’ve led to the “Knightmare” era we saw where Superman kills Bruce Wayne. Snyder continued:

“And so in the future Bruce says to Cyborg ‘Well, what times would you send me back to…What time right now would you send me back?’ And Cyborg says ‘I’m leaning toward this.’ And Bruce says ‘Do the other one, because you already sent him back here and it was too early – so send me to the other one.’ So that’s how he’s able to get him [Flash] back again. Because in the new timeline he goes to a different point in time that’s closer to the event that we haven’t seen yet in this film.”

Zack Snyder Reveals Flash Back in Time in Batman V Superman

Just like Endgame, DC had their own Time travel events planned. It’s just that WB got cold feet on Snyder’s vision. The new CEO of Warner Media recently liked a tweet about releasing the Snydercut. So let’s hope that it does come out, and maybe 2 more sequels follow. One can only dream about it sitting at home during these Quarantine days.

Zack Snyder Reveals Flash Back in Time in Batman V Superman

Anyway, here are some cool details of what was going to happen in Snyder’s Justice League trilogy:

“Snyder’s Justice League would play like the theatrical version, with one ending twist: Darkseid revealing himself to the League, as Steppenwolf’s master.

Justice League 2 would’ve gone cosmic, with the League mounting an attack on Apokolips and Darkseid. That major event would’ve brought the New Gods of New Genesis and the Green Lantern Corps into the mix.

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The second movie would’ve ended on a dark and ominous loss, as Darkseid thrashed the Justice League and killed Lois Lane, taking Superman prisoner and creating the “Dark Superman” we saw in Batman v Superman through the Anti-Life Equation

Justice League 3 would’ve seen Darkseid invade Earth without the League there to defend it, conquering the planet and creating the “Knightmare” reality in Batman v Superman.

Through several time travel loops (including Flash’s failed warning to Bruce in Batman v Superman) Batman would have to reach Superman and bring him back on the side of good, so that the League could defeat Darkseid and save the world.”

Too bad we won’t get to see all of this.

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