10 Most Disturbing And Awkward On-Screen Love Scenes to Watch

Awkward On-Screen Love Scenes:

You have a different set of companies for various genres of movies. While theatres are extremely strict with the age norms, there are no hard and fast rules at home for action, romcoms, and thriller.  However, certain movies are so explicit with intimate scenes that we can’t even watch them with our friends, let alone with family and kids. For people who can’t watch two characters kissing with their family around, wait till you see these movies.

These weird moments will leave you with so much embarrassment that it will legit hurt. Forget about the times when on-screen steamy scenes made you feel good. These unsettling sex scenes will leave you scarred for some time. After watching them, it felt like we won’t be able to let anyone touch us ever again. Here are the 10 most disturbing and awkward on-screen love scenes to watch.

 1. Observe and Report

The s3x scene in this dark-comedy is less awkward and more horrifying. Seth Rogan’s character finally ends up on a date with Anna Faris’s. But as Anna gets drunk and unconscious on the date, Seth drags her to his room and takes advantage of it. Just when everyone begins to call it a “date-rape”, a few moments later Anna half wakes up on her vomit and asks Seth “why are you stopping?”

 2. Howard the Duck

Awkward On-Screen Love Scenes
Awkward On-Screen Love Scenes

It’s getting tougher and tougher to decide which scene was grosser. Howard the Duck is an anthropomorphic duck from the Marvel Universe. The only thing that people discussed about this movie for ages was the romance between a woman and the man-sized duck. What the story wanted to convey by showing a woman getting sexually attracted to a duck is beyond our comprehension. In case it wasn’t hot enough, Lea Thompson said that she couldn’t resist his “intense, animal magnetism”.

 3. Splice

Splice transcends to a whole new definition of s3x fantasy. Two scientists Clive and Elsa create a new genetically modified creature by infusing human DNA with those other animals. This creature, named Dren, grows up very fast. Even though she is an attractive woman, she has animalistic characters like a tail and giant eyes. Soon Clive gets smitten by Dren’s animal or alien looks and experiments with his own fantasies with her in a locked room.

 4. Oldboy

Even reading and hearing about it makes us pukish. Oldboy is the story of a man who was kidnapped and kept in captivity for 15 years. After he was finally released, he tried to restart his life and began dating a young chef at a sushi restaurant. It was followed by all cozy and intimate moments with his girlfriend which was fine until he discovered that she was his daughter whom he last saw before his captivity.

 5. Gone Girl

This thriller exuded nothing but coldness and malevolence. As Amy kept executing her diabolical plans, our jaws were getting close and closer to the ground. The extent to which her insanity and cleverness could reach simply left us spellbound. But the most shocking moment was Desi and Amy’s love scene. Even though we were expecting a typical wicked-Amy moment, we didn’t see this bomb coming. Just when Desi was about to reach the peak of his passion, the love of his life slit his throat.

 6. Last Tango In Paris

Awkward On-Screen Love Scenes
Awkward On-Screen Love Scenes

The scandalous scene from Last Tango In Paris was called out and criticized widely in recent years. The rape scene was already mentioned in the script but one detail that actress Maria Schneider wasn’t aware of was Marlon Brando using butter as a lubricant for that scene. This idea was decided by director Bernardo Bertolucci and Marlon Brando at the last moment. Bernardo decided to keep it away from Maria because he wanted an authentic reaction from a woman. Maria’s tears were real and she later revealed how she felt humiliated and traumatized that day.

 7. Fifty Shades of Grey

What can you expect from a movie that was poorly adapted from one of the cheesiest novels? A meek woman getting on board with a millionaire and a good looking s3x predator, and the two eventually falling in love seems too rich to digest. Moreover, actors Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan not getting on well behind the scenes made their awkward intimacy even weirder.

 8. American Beauty

This dark-comedy was a masterpiece with exceptional performances. The story was all about mood and the various shades of the human mind. But one thing that was hard to digest was Kevin Spacey’s character being infatuated by his daughter’s friend. Even the hilarious thought of him lusting over his daughter’s friend blew our minds into a million pieces. And as the s3x that we were dreading finally happens, all we wished for was to unsee it.

 9. MacGruber

Which is the worst s3x scene is up to you to decide. As we come to MacGruber, the list descends to a darker but hilarious side. In the parody of the classic MacGyver, MacGruber is seen enjoying a steamy moment with his wife. But soon we learn that he is having the loud s3x with the ghost or hallucination of his wife on top of her graveyard.

 10. Kickboxing Academy

Awkward On-Screen Love Scenes
Awkward On-Screen Love Scenes

We need not explain that Kickboxing Academy was all about kickboxing students studying nothing kickboxing from a kickboxing academy. Two characters, Cindy and Danny play love interests in the movie and have a passionate kiss. What’s wrong with what? Well, the actors who played Cindy and Danny were siblings.

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