15 2018 Comic Book Movies Ranked According to Their Oscar Worthiness

2018 Comic Book Movies:

The superhero genre is generally seen as a cash cow, a commercial venture that seldom has any artistic value in the highest circles of Hollywood. Compared to award-winning storylines like The Artist, Titanic, Moonlight and A Serious Man, the superhero genre never had the charm to sway the movie critics to let it be a winner at the podium. That changed with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. With the MCU and the DCEU releasing one blockbuster movie after another, the superhero movies have scored points in several departments of Film critiquing.  2018 saw a plethora of such movies hit the theatres. But are they worthy of winning an Oscar? Presenting – 15 2018 Comic book movies ranked according to their Oscar Worthiness!!

 15. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

2018 Comic Book Movies

My Hero Academia is a very popular anime in Japan and beyond. If you love anime, you got to have at least heard the name of this series. My Hero Academia focuses on a group of children trying to become superheroes in a world where every person develops a superpower or “quirk” when they come of age. The protagonist in the anime is “quirk-less” and possesses no superpowers and still manages to become a superhero. The movie, on the other hand, focuses on the current Number one superhero of the MHA Universe – All Might, a hero that the protagonist idolizes, and how he came to be the beacon of hope for the entire world.

 14. Batman Ninja

2018 Comic Book Movies

The movie is yet another example of DC coming out with a project that again polarized the fans. Some say it is a masterpiece while the majority of the fans say that it was not quite up to the mark. Batman Ninja follows the Dark Knight as the world is plunged into that of a feudal Japanese setting. Several villains that Batman and his sidekicks face off in the movie are redesigned to fit the Japanese culture. The movie has several incredible reference pints but they are not enough to make it an Oscar Worthy One.

 13. Venom

2018 Comic Book Movies

Venom was a victim of its own devices. The movie was good, the characters were awesome and the lead actor Tom Hardy did a splendid job as Eddie Brock aka Venom. What Venom suffered from was a clear presence of intense competition. If Venom would have been released a few years ago, we would not have doubted it a second at its Oscar-Worthiness. But with the MCU and the DCEU releasing some incredible movies this year, Venom, no matter how funny and amazingly stunning it was, still does not score high on this list.

 12. Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

2018 Comic Book Movies

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight is one of the earliest Elseworlds one-shots of DC Comics. Created by Brian Augustyn, Mike Mignola, and P. Craig Russell, it is an award-winning storyline. Gotham by Gaslight was brought to the screens by Director Sam Liu and writer James Krieg. The animated adaptation had a riveting storyline and nailed the Victorian-era London. Gotham by Gaslight showed Batman in pursuit of the infamous Jack the Ripper, a real-world serial killer from Victorian England whose identity is still not known. Despite getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike, Gotham by Gaslight wanes in terms of popularity.

 11. Deadpool 2

2018 Comic Book Movies

The sequel to the first immensely successful Deadpool movie, Deadpool 2 was double the action, double the carnage and double the fun. Except, it wasn’t! Deadpool 2 did well on its promise of delivering the same fourth wall cracking mercenary who will stop at nothing from opening his mouth even at the most inappropriate of times. One department that Deadpool 2 really scores low on is its representation of the female characters. Deadpool 1 and 2 both score low on this field and this is enough reason for us to put it so low in this list.

 10. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

2018 Comic Book Movies

The 2016 Suicide Squad movie took home an Oscar!! Remember that. And that movie was shit. It not only tarnished DC ‘s image but also ensured that the fans remember Suicide Squad as a bunch of second-grade characters that will never be a hit. The animated adaptation is far, far better and has a way better storyline. Taking in the characters of Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Killer Frost, Harley Quinn, Bronze Tiger, and Copperhead, the new Suicide Squad deserves at least a mention at the Oscars.

 9. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

2018 Comic Book Movies

The new Teen Titans movie is considered de-evolution of the image that was established by the original Teen Titans animated series, a highly acclaimed animation series. The Teen Titan Go! To the Movies is so hated that you can literally measure the dislike button counter on its YouTube trailer. And yet, it was a hit. The target audience for Teen Titans Go are kids and they liked it a lot. The movie earned not only a huge profit but also positive reviews from critics. Its fourth wall breaking antics are considered to be even better than Deadpool 2. It also has an incredible soundtrack and a catchy tune.

 8. Death of Superman

2018 Comic Book Movies

The Death of Superman is one of the most popular storylines of DC Comics. It broke down the myth of Superman’s invincibility and put up a character that was powerful enough to fight it – Doomsday, a recurring villain in DC Comics nowadays. Death of Superman’s animation might have been a bit flawed but it had a very emotional ending, which helps it score brownie points. The DCEU might be a let-down but the DCAU is another story entirely.

 7. Ant-Man and the Wasp

2018 Comic Book Movies

Ant-Man and the Wasp is the sequel to the Original Ant-Man movie directed by Peyton Reed. The Ant-Man series of movies are known to be light-hearted and not having darker tones. After the Thanos Snap wiped out half the universe in infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp is just the movie we needed. It was placed perfectly and thus had no competition which is why it was a Blockbuster. The audience loved the humorous Paul Rudd and his witty one-liners.

 6. The Incredibles 2

2018 Comic Book Movies

In the animated department, this is probably the movie that holds the number one spot for 2018. The Disney-Pixar production is Brad Bird’s second project and comes after a decade of the first Incredibles movie. The sequel brings back to the theatres the same level of fun and warmth fit for a family packed action adventure. It will probably be the movie that snatches away the Best Animated Production this year.

 5. Aquaman

2018 Comic Book Movies

Aquaman is a visual treat and a spectacular delight. The James Wan-directed venture is truly deserving of an Oscar. The movie earned generally mixed reviews but the fans have loved it ever since it hit the theatres. It is now only a few million dollars away from earning more than a Billion dollars at the Box Office. It is already the People’s Champion. The critics may have shot down the movie when it comes to its cheesy dialogue delivery but in terms of visual galore, the movie deserves way more than what Hollywood is willing to offer.

 4. Bumblebee

2018 Comic Book Movies

Nobody would have thought that a Transformers movie could actually make it to this list. Bumblebee has managed to do just that. The Transformers franchise was thought to be dead after the ridiculous Transformers: Age of Extinction storyline. Who could have imagined that the iconic Yellow Autobot’s origin story set in the 1980s could garner such acclaim?!?!

 3. Black Panther

2018 Comic Book Movies

The movie to end all movies, Black Panther should win an Oscar this time not just because it broke several stereotypes regarding an all-black cast being not profitable enough but also for looking good while doing it. Black Panther has extremely well-developed characters, a good lead and a riveting antagonist in the form of Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger. It was snubbed at the Golden Globes but it might just win an Oscar this year.

 2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

2018 Comic Book Movies

Spider-Man has become so movie saturated that we never thought that another animated adaptation of the web crawler could earn a spot on this list. But Sony’s new action-adventure led by the other Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe – Miles Morales, is just the kind of movie fans need to watch out for. The movie is visually awesome, is filled with comic book references that are witty and hilarious, top-notch action sequences and manages to add on to the Spider-Man: Legacy, which we thought would be impossible after the amazing Spider-Man: Homecoming upped the ante to a point beyond our wildest imaginations.

 1. Avengers: Infinity War

2018 Comic Book Movies

For obvious reasons, we are not even going to explain why this movie is on the top spot. If you guys still think that infinity War is undeserving of an Oscar, then God help you. The culmination of a ten-year-long struggle for the MCU, Infinity War has to be on the top spot. Period.

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