Oscar- Nominated Movies That Had Major Plot Holes

Oscar Nominated Movies Plot Holes:

As a loyal audience and true movie fanatics, we agree to leave the logic of the real world behind and immerse ourselves in the filmmakers’ imagination. Movies are definitely more enjoyable when we don’t get in the depths of possibilities and logic. We have never asked for an explanation for flying men and magical schools. However, things become difficult when moviemakers betray the logic of their own world. How can we connect to the fictional story if the movie itself has a plot-hole? The following critically-acclaimed movies with an Academy Award nod also had plot-holes.

 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark

If you have watched Big Bang Theory, then you might remember how Amy ruined the movie for all fans. Indeed, Indiana Jones didn’t have any significant role in the plot, other than making it harder to kill the Germans. Even without Jones, the movie would have ended the same way with the Germans melting on opening the Ark. The movie was nominated for 8 Oscars and took home 4 of them.

 2. The Quiet Place

Even though John Krasinski’s crafted horror movie was genius work and had us by the edge of our seats, it surprisingly had a rather senseless plot hole. If the waterfalls area was a safe zone from sound-sensitive aliens, why didn’t the family move near that place? Why go through all the fuss and tensions when a newborn baby is on its way?

 3. The Shawshank Redemption

One plot twist of the iconic movie seems to have a major plot hole. Andy makes his great escape by digging a hole in his prison cell for years and covering it with a poster of Welch. In order to avoid attention, he reattached the picture on the hole after climbing into it. What baffles us is how he managed to turn around in such a small space to pin the poster, let alone reattaching it from inside.

 4. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2 is one of the best classic sci-fi movies that the current generation is still obsessed with. However, one of its plots is hard to comprehend. The movie states that only organic material could travel through time. So it’s a head-scratcher to figure out how the cyborg traveled through time as it was made of metal. Regardless of the errors, the movie was nominated for 6 Oscars and went home with 4.

 5. Iron Man 3

It is very unlikely for MCU to walk away from its own plot. Iron Man 3 managed to get a nod from Oscars for the Best Visual Effects that year. So far it is clear among fans that Iron Man suits custom designed to only fit its maker, Tony Stark. However, the movie saw many characters donning the same suit, including Pepper Potts.

 6. Toy Story

Throughout the Toy Story franchise, we have learned that the toys freeze themselves the moment a human passes by. This is the rule of the toy kingdom to protect their secret. However, in the first part, Buzz was convinced that he wasn’t a toy. Then it doesn’t explain why he stood still like the toys in the presence of a person. The movie was nominated for Best Writing, Best Song and Best Score.

 7. Gone Girl

Gone Girl was one of the best murder mysteries of a conniving and psychopathic woman who orchestrated her own fake murder to punish her husband for cheating on her. When Amy decides to go back to her husband, she built a convincing story to explain her fake murder. She roped in her ex-boyfriend, Desi, who gave her refuge, murdered him, and convinced everyone that she was held captive by him all this while. Even though she managed to support her story by tricking with Desi‘s security camera, how come no one saw her footage seeking a luxurious refuge at his place?

 8. The Matrix

Oscar Nominated Movies Plot Holes
Oscar Nominated Movies Plot Holes

One of the major plot-holes that has led to several theories is how Cypher entered the Matrix. The movie clearly explains to Neo that one needs an operator to enter or leave the Matrix. But Cypher and Smith were successful in getting into it without anyone to dial them in. The Matrix was complicated sci-fi movies that took the audience by storm in those days and bagged 4 Academy Awards.

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