Why Tony Stark Still Used an Arc Reactor After His Surgery in Iron Man 3

Tony Stark Used an Arc Reactor After Iron Man 3: 

We all know why Tony had to constantly keep an arc reactor attached to his chest to prevent the shrapnel from reaching his heart and stopping his bodily functions. Well, Tony finally got his surgery done in Iron Man 3 and got out all the shrapnel shards out of his heart. But why did he still use an arc reactor?

Tony Stark Used an Arc Reactor After Iron Man 3

The arc reactor was a self-sustaining energy source. It powered the different Iron Man suits that Tony wore over the years. But after Tony removed the Arc reactor from his chest, he had to attach an individual arc reactor to every one of his suits. Hence, the suits we saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Civil War had arc reactors within them. As you may have noticed, the Hulkbuster armor actually needed multiple arc reactors to power up the suit.

But the arc reactor came back in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. In Civil War, Tony was in Berlin along with some other Avengers. He came in as the face of the Sokovia Accords when Zemo unleashed Bucky upon the world. Everything goes haywire and it was again upon the Avengers to stop Bucky. Nat asks Tony whether he brought a suit, and he replied, “Sure did. It’s a lovely Tom Ford, three-piece, two-button. I’m an active duty non-combatant.” He didn’t bring his suit and everything went to sh*t. That had to change.

Knowing that Earth needs protection and so do the ones he cares about, he decided to design a suit that will be by his side at all times. So, he designed another arc reactor which didn’t just power his suit, but also stored it within. It was actually an “RT” Unit that stored the nanobots of his suit. In the comics, Tony actually implanted the nano parts within his body, and the Bleeding Edge Armor then emerged whenever he wanted to, as he controlled it with his mind. But Marvel came up with a smarter way to bring in the Bleeding Edge armor and make it feel more believable.

Tony Stark Used an Arc Reactor After Iron Man 3

Usually, it takes time for Tony to access a suit & suit up. But with the RT Node attached on his chest, we all saw that he had access to Mark 50 the whole time, and he suited up in an instant right when things got tough. The Mark 50 & 85 suits were Tony’s most advanced creation. In the beginning of Endgame, Tony held the RT Node, removed it from his chest, and gave it to Cap to make a statement. This showed us that his surgery wounds had healed completely. And, the arc reactor was just attached to his chest for faster access to his suit.

Tony Stark really is the mechanic. In every film, we saw how Tony kept fixing the problems that his suits had, or the other Avengers faced during combat. Rhodey’s suit didn’t have a parachute, so he added one in Spider-Man’s suit. There are many other examples for how Tony fixed things. Too bad the MCU doesn’t have a Tony Stark any more. Let’s see if his tech will still remain in play. We’d like to see a story where Tony’s tech falls into the wrong hands (maybe in Norman Osborns).

Tony Stark Used an Arc Reactor After Iron Man 3

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