10 Teased Movie Sequels In Post-Credits Scenes We Never Got

In the movie industry, filmmakers have found out a really interesting way of setting up a narrative of the upcoming sequel of a movie. They have started making the use of post-credit scenes to set up a possible entry of an upcoming sequel, for the already ongoing narrative. Over the past few years, Marvel has perfected this practice and employed this structure, to implicate the audience for an upcoming narrative. However, there have been several other movies that have included a post-credit scene for a sequel of the ongoing narrative but have never gone ahead with the idea to this day. There have been several movies with post-credit scenes implicating a second or third sequel of the movie, but the hope of being able to witness the next phase of the story was never really accomplished. Here is a list of sequels that were hinted at, in the post-credit scenes, but never got to see the light of the day.

Max Payne

The video game-based movie was not able to leave a great impact on the box office, but the post-credit scene witnessed the arrival of a new character. In the post-credit scene of the movie, we witnessed Max Payne (Mark Wahlberg) and Mona Sax (Mila Kunis) sit down for a few drinks, they are not much for words. But Mona shows Max the headlines of a newspaper, hinting at some unfinished business. The movie was released in 2008 and it has been 13 years since, and we still have not seen a sequel yet.

Crank: High Voltage

This version of Crank was the normal Crank amped up to 1000. The movie witnessed an almost exhausted Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) get his adrenaline rush from a transformer and then move on to beat the villain to a bloody pulp. In the post-credit scenes, we witness a street doctor rip open his chest and substitute his cranked heart, with a real beating heart. But, somewhere during the process, the procedure to resuscitate Chev does not go as planned, a few jolts from a defibrillator, and all seems lost. But as the scene is about to end Chev’s eyes open up and the movie ends. To this day we have not witnessed or heard a single piece of news to start the 3rd sequel of the movie, to date.


Teased Movie Sequels In Post-Credits Scenes
Teased Movie Sequels In Post-Credits Scenes

Stealth witnessed an AI form implicated in the Air Force and armed with a high-tech plane at its disposal, go, rogue. The plane called EDI goes on a rampage and in its final moments blows itself up, as means of redemption to save his human comrades. But in the posts credit scene, the camera pans over the area where EDI exploded and comes to a stop over a piece of equipment that seemed like EDI’s brain. The light on the equipment glows up, denoting that EDI may still be alive.

Super Mario Bros.

A weird adaptation of the Super Mario Bros. game witnessed the implication of the narrative on the silver screen, in the form of Super Koopa Cousins. The post-credit scenes witness two businessmen approach the brothers with the proposal for a game, which the brothers named ‘Super Koopa Cousins’, but never saw the light of the day.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Avengers: Endgame Howard The Duck

The post-credit scenes of Guardians of The Galaxy introduced to the viewers, Howard the Duck, sipping on a space Martini. He is seen questioning the collector, as to how can he allow a dog that was dressed in an astronaut suit to lick him, like literally. Since then, we have not seen the duck anywhere in the narrative.


The 2008 Cloverfield had a very weird way of setting up a post-credit scene, the viewers witnessed a crackling soundtrack that played at the end of the movie. Now many have tried to decipher the recording and jumped to numerous conclusions, but the only conclusion drawn was that when will the sequel release. The most recent ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ 2016 is also not a sequel of the original.

Terminator Genisys

Teased Movie Sequels In Post-Credits Scenes
Teased Movie Sequels In Post-Credits Scenes

The Terminator Genisys, witnessed another troubling set of events, after the Genisys lab is destroyed the viewers are taken to the post-credit scenes. The scene shows that Genisys has finally launched itself, although not globally, and has evolved into Skynet. Promising another mind-numbing sequence, which to date has not happened.

Green Lantern

In the post-credit scene of the Green Lantern movie, we witnessed Thaal Sinestro breaks into the Green Lantern vault and get his hands on the yellow ring. He is seen removing his green ring and putting on the yellow one, and feeling the surge in the power with the pupil of his eyes turning yellow. Since that post-credit scene, fans have still been waiting for a second sequel.

Street Fighter

The 1994’s video game adaptation of the video game ‘Street Fighter’ witnessed Jean Claude Van Damme face off against Bison aka Raul Julia in the grand finale and defeat him. But the post-credit scenes of the movie witnessed the revival of the evil genius and choose a ‘Replay’ option of world domination. But the sequel never came to fruition since, after the movie, Raul Julia passed away putting all the plans on hold.

Evil Dead

Teased Movie Sequels In Post-Credits Scenes
Teased Movie Sequels In Post-Credits Scenes

The 2013 Evil Dead witnessed Bruce Campbell, reprising his role as Ash in the movie. But the post-credit scene of 2013’s Evil Dead, which was confirmed to be under production was later seemingly faded away.

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