10 Time Science Fiction Movies Were Made Into A Reality  

Sci-fi movies and series that project futuristic tech is meant to leave us impressed. They visualize future science as a far-away dream and a groundbreaking invention. But when the time finally arrives to compare the fictional technology with the real-life invention and innovations, the latter has gone beyond expectations. Seems like the sci-fi directors had underestimated the science of reality. Real-life science not only made the fictional world possible but also invented something better than it. Find out how science fact defeated science fiction. We have picked out 10 science-fiction scenes and have compared them to real-life science. Find out the 10 times science fiction movies were made into a reality.

Iron Man

Marvel to Replace Iron Man

The US military obsession with sci-fi encouraged to design a robotic armor called “Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit” or TALOS. The Pentagon announced the project as the “Iron Man” suit. There have been several prototypes for exoskeletons, but labs are still trying to get close to this reality. The Iron Man suit was supposed to be launched in 2018 but it has been shut down.


Remember how Professor X used that awkward-looking Cerebro overhead to enhance his telepathic powers? Real-life science has come up with something similar that enhances the computer-human relationships and allows your brainwaves to send signals to other devices around you, such as TV, or a keyboard. These headsets were created by Emotiv Systems.

Back To The Future Part 2

Time Science Fiction Movies
Time Science Fiction Movies

In “Back to the Future 2” of 1989, Marty McFly finds himself a pair of self-lacing Nike shoes after landing in the future of 2015. Nike turned this fiction into reality in 2016 by actually releasing self-tightening shoes with LED lights on the heels. The size of the shoes can also be adjusted and modified with the help of buttons.

Star Wars

Wouldn’t you love to own the Heat-Ray guns as shown in Star Wars and various other sci-fi movies? Similar tech is now used by the US Military. The Heat-Rays used by them isn’t lethal but only releases a hot ray to move a person out of the way.


The Superman memory crystals were introduced as a chip that could store information for billions of years. Now the scientists have invented a silica glass known as 5D Optical Data Storage aka Superman Memory Crystal that is capable of storing 360 terabytes of data for billions of years. It is easily portable and stores data digitally.

Star Trek

The original Star Trek introduced us to PADD (Personal Access Display Device) that they used in the future in the 2100s. Well, not just a pad but an awesome version of pads is already invented in the 21st Century. They are visually superior and provide us with various functions.

Star Wars

Star Wars is full of advanced and futuristic items that can be compared to reality. Star Wars of the ‘70s projected holograms merely as light. Little did they know back then how the holograms would be like 30 years later. Now, most of the Hollywood pop stars perform at their concerts via visually delightful hologram which incorporates the exact appearance of the performer.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Time Science Fiction Movies
Time Science Fiction Movies

Several sci-fi films, including “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has shown the rise of machines and artificial intelligence. In most of the cases, the creators lost control over their AI, who ended up turning against the humans. Something similar happened to Microsoft when it launched its first AI, named Tay who had her own Twitter account and was supposed to hold conversations with the younger generation. But leaving a newborn AI to imitate her surroundings backfired as she picked up all the nasty and evil things from the conversations. Within 24 hours, she began to tweet pro-Nazi and anti-feminist posts. Microsoft was forced to take her down immediately.

Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy was a comic book detective who was brought on screen in 1990. His 2-Way Wrist Radio via which he used to contact his allies had stirred quite some hype back then. But now we have wristwatches that are not limited to calls but perform various functions like a mobile phone.

The Fifth Element

Time Science Fiction Movies
Time Science Fiction Movies

The Fifth Element was right to visualize futurist cigarettes with less tobacco and more filter. However, the future provided us with something more innovative and more advanced, called vapes and e-cigarettes. However, 2019 has changed things that even the film couldn’t predict.

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