Iron Man Consciously Saved Gamora While Snapping His Fingers

Iron Man Saved Gamora:

When the MCU fans knew that Avengers: Infinity War will introduce the strongest villain yet in its franchise, namely Thanos, they were off the hook. They finally wanted to see someone who is as big as the Hulk and even stronger perhaps. Then came the movie and the ending stunned the audience because the saviors of the universe collectively called the Avengers, had lost. And it was not an ordinary loss, the entire team was ripped apart and possibly was the most humiliating beatdown ever. It was almost as if the team didn’t even stand a chance. In the very beginning where we see Thanos against the strongest Avengers Thor and Hulk, fans only had one question – How is beating the god of thunder and this big green giant a cakewalk for Thanos? How powerful could he be? Then throughout and by the end, we see that Thanos eventually snaps his fingers and wipes out half the universe for what we called – balance. 

Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: Endgame

Fast forward to Avengers: Endgame where all the superheroes plan and plot to reverse Thanos’s action, we see that in the end Tony Stark embeds the infinity stones and snaps his fingers to perish Thanos and his army. But where we really flipped was, why didn’t Iron Man wipe out Gamora considering that she was a part of Thanos’s army, and on top of that his daughter. What we believe is that the reason for his action is Nebula, Gamora’s sister. These two sisters never had a happy past, they both quarreled and hated each other’s guts. But at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame we see Tony and Nebula floating away in space with no hopes of survival. During this time, Tony is the talkative and provocative one who got Nebula to open up and all she did was talk about Gamora. Now because of this, Gamora was in Tony’s subconscious all along and knew that she didn’t play a villainous role after all.

Iron Man Saved Gamora
Iron Man Saved Gamora

When Tony held the infinity stones he basically reached the level of a god and his fair judgment came into play and most definitely knew what the right thing to do was. So indirectly, the sister she hated ended up saving her life. Yes, we’re saying that Nebula saved Gamora’s life. Gamora’s origin was talked about in the Infinity War and how Thanos saved her crumbling planet by killing people who did not comply to be on his side. Thanos then took little Gamora away with her and trained her to be a Viking like a fighter and filled her head with his ultimate quest. It was long enough before Gamora realized that his father is a crazy giant who only wanted to establish his dominance and regarded as a god amongst everyone by killing people and keep everyone else under his wing. That was Thanos for you who had one of the biggest armies that were not afraid of sacrificing their lives for his mission.

Gamora is not less than a fan favorite and was first introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy and fans loved her instantly. Her famous eye roll and fighting skills were well taken by the audience and Avengers: Infinity War was nothing but an epic crossover. So Tony never knew Gamora personally or never even met her, but due to Nebula’s constant mentioning of her sister it got embedded deep in his subconscious and so when he became a god for brief seconds, he knew he did not have to perish Gamora as well because she was on the bright side of the story and always jibed at father’s way and his ultimate quest of conquering all.

Infinity War Thanos Snap

Thanos was the mad titan who was obsessed with the balance of the universe and for that, he killed people with no sympathy whatsoever believing that he’s doing the right thing. As it is said, your rights may be their wrongs and Thanos is the perfect example of that. Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame grossed over $2 billion and $2.79 billion setting a bunch of records and a number certainly impossible to beat. Marvel’s phase four is going to be stupendous and we only say that it’s going to get crazier with new villains and unexplored crossovers that the fans are certainly not expecting.

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